Top 5 Games Trend 2022

There is no shortage of people in the gaming industry declaring a golden age or others raving about the signs of the gaming apocalypse. This is a fairly standard response to uncertainty. Since games are based on technology, they are changing rapidly, creating a lot of uncertainty about the direction of the industry. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the trends that are shaping the future of gaming and where the industry could move if these trends pan out. Every year, the mobile games market shows some changes. We bring to your attention 5 gaming trends that you might have missed.

Mobile Devices and New User Acquisition

One of the biggest trends in the video game industry could be the rise of visually beautiful games on mobile devices. People are returning to their phones and getting their gaming experience in small, simplistic doses. This is great for development companies focusing on visual content, optimizing, and developing the game art industry today.

Gamers are returning from console and PC gaming to mobile devices. The main thing that can attract gamers is a first look at the game, which evaluates art, character design, and the overall concept of the game universe. Unfortunately, companies are not always ready for an influx of audience since no one can guess exactly how cool a new game will be and who will like it. Therefore, it is logical that such a trend as outsourcing is gaining popularity.

Game Art Industry: Outsourcing as a Fashionable Trend in Mobile Games

The popularity of outsourcing is growing and firmly rooted in the minds of the global game dev community. But, ever wondered how games move from development to release so quickly? Of course, this is possible thanks to the already trending outsourcing direction.

An important aspect is the visual component of each game, which is often the main element and reason for popularity. This stage is usually transferred to the shoulders of the outsourcing team. The main advantages of outsourcing:

  • Profitability
  • Increased level of efficiency
  • Reducing the cost of hiring and training staff
  • Much more choices of operating modes due to time zones.

When the design and visual design direction is outsourced, the company or organization does not need to hire qualified specialists for this, which in 100% of cases allows you to adhere to all timings. For instance, RSG outsourcing is a good example of how this direction in mobile game development and art services should work, like creating 3D models or drawing splash art for promo and marketing.

VR Mobile Gaming

The first trend is directly related to metaverses and virtual gaming development. Virtual Reality is a technology that allows users to immerse themselves in the game world and allows players to become part of the game. VR has already begun to make its way into mobile games slowly. It will soon become a key part of the game design industry today and how we play and explore the digital world, especially thanks to the emergence of the metaverse from IT giants.

Virtual Reality could be the top mobile gaming trend in 2022 as developers find new and innovative ways to use it. VR offers an all-around experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else and can literally teleport gamers to another world. This makes it an ideal technology for games requiring involvement and immersion, such as first-person shooters and adventure games.


In 2022, esports will continue to gain popularity. On mobile devices, gamers play against each other in large organized tournaments, often for huge sums of money. Of course, the scale is difficult to compare with the classic types of competitions. Still, the way this direction is rapidly gaining an audience makes developers pay special attention and design games today in the eSports direction. Esports has become extremely popular in recent years and will only grow.

What game started a new trend in video games? This is Clash Royale. The game was the most popular esports discipline of 2018, which forced the trend of eSports tournaments on mobile devices.

The game itself is losing a lot of popularity, but we need to pay tribute to the development team for such a contribution to the industry.

In 2022, esports will be the main trend in mobile gaming. The global esports market will be worth over $3 billion by 2023. This is because esports offers a great way for gamers to compete against each other and showcase their skills. In addition, the prize winnings are getting bigger and more lucrative, so real gamers have a lot to win.

Cross Promotion and IP Licensing

In the past year, a trend indicates the convergence of corporations creating mobile games and engaging in advertising—this stimulated cross-promotion. The introduction of the ATT framework has harmed user acquisition on iOS, but analysts say its arrival will spark interest in IP licensing. On the other hand, the introduction of ATT and subsequent problems with the distribution of games on iOS may lead to the fact that the Android platform will become a priority for app and game development.