Bedsure Starts Its Annual Black Friday Sales Early with Deals on Over 100 Products

UK, November 11th 2022: Many regions in the world are already seeing a colder-than-usual drop in temperature. As many experts predicted that this coming winter would last longer than usual, preparing enough layers for the coming season is more important than ever. Bedsure, a global leading home textile brand with over 25 million customers cosily served, launched its Black Friday promotion earlier this year to help customers better prepare at an up-to-45% reduced cost.


During this year’s Bedsure Early Black Friday Sale, over 100 products across several categories are being offered with an unprecedented discount of up to 45% off. The offers apply to Bedsure’s wide range of product lineup, including the latest and greatest Bedsure TENCEL™ Sheet Set and the all-time classic Bedsure 100% Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket. Early access to deals helps customers prepare for the winter at a much-reduced cost, a helpful touch amid global financial uncertainty.


Some of Bedsure’s featured and most popular offers include,


This year, Bedsure has released a series of blanket hoodie products to help customers get cosy with a vibrant fashion statement indoors and outdoors. For example, the refreshed Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Blanket Hoodie is made available in five elegant shades of colours, including black, grey, navy, pink, and red, and three sizes to precisely fit the preference and style of its wearers.


The 2022 edition of the Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Blanket Hoodie comes with two convenient side pockets that are large enough to store gadgets, tablets, remotes, dog treats, snacks, or anything one might want or need to carry on the go. The highly dense Sherpa material on the inside of the wearable blanket hoodie traps and seals the heat, providing wearers in cold climates with the utmost cosiness and warmth that is fashionable at home or on the go.


With the holiday season approaching fast, the highly giftable Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Blanket Hoodie is made available for up to 45% off, and customers wishing to gift their loved ones portable and comfortable cosiness may do so at Bedsure’s Store Page on Amazon.


The Bedsure Flannel Fleece Blanket is one of Bedsure’s all-time best-selling products. The Amazon’s Choice Bedsure Blanket is made with premium polyester that is airy and soft while providing its wearers with the utmost cosiness and an extra layer of warmth.


The versatile Bedsure Flannel Fleece Blanket comes with a velvety texture, and satisfying hand feel that adds superb softness, making it ideal as an extra layer of warmth for hot sleepers. 


Customers have loved this soft and lightweight blanket with various uses, such as a sleeping blanket during summer, an extra layer of warmth during winter, a household decoration item, a spare at home, or just about anywhere else in between. 


The blanket has currently rated 4.6/5 stars on Amazon by over 128,000 customers, and several of the available specs are rated as Amazon’s Choice Items. During Bedsure’s Early Black Friday, this blanket can be had for up to 43% off.


With over 100 products made available at an unprecedented discount, Bedsure’s cosy products make a great option for those looking to get an extra layer of cosiness during this long and cold winter and is an ideal option for those looking to gift their loved ones with care and love that can be enjoyed every day.