Terry Healy Group Edinburgh – Green Pledge, Net Zero & Investment in Renewable Technologies

Sustainability is at the heart of the work Terry Healy Group (THG) do across Scotland, with a focus on renewable energy and materials. The team were keen to commit to the Business Green Pledge to show their dedication to Scotland’s journey to Net Zero.
Terry Healy Group are residential and commercial construction experts using forward thinking solutions in their projects and utilising renewable energy and materials. With continued innovation and development in renewables, Terry Healy Group are at the forefront of these advances in technology, providing customers with the most efficient, sustainable options for their homes and businesses.
Why have Terry Healy Group signed the Business Green Pledge?
Terry Healy Group have made a conscious decision to pivot their business to focus on renewables, engaging with customers to showcase the benefits of this technology and the cost savings it can bring. With a focus on the environment and sustainability at the heart of the business.
How Terry Healy Group are supporting Net Zero targets
Terry Healy Group have already implemented a number of green initiatives, have many more in the pipeline and are continually looking for new opportunities to drive their business forward.

What is the business doing

  • THG are leading the way in renewables and energy efficiency. This is the focus of the business and all customers are walked through the options available to them to help them be as sustainable as possible and reduce long term costs.
  • THG have started the process of moving their fleet to electric and hybrid vehicles to reduce their reliance on non-renewable fuel and the costs of it.
  • The team of engineers are upskilling at the Energy Training Academy so they will be fully trained in the installation of heat pumps, solar panels, electric vehicle chargers and battery storage devices so customers can make sustainable home and business upgrades and energy choices. Currently 60 of their growing team are fully qualified and ready to install this technology.
  • THG operate a predominantly paperless business with orders, invoices and information all being digital.
  • The full team buy into the drive to Net Zero and are dedicated to helping Midlothian achieve their goal of Net Zero by 2030.
  • Technological advances are continually evolving as THG are ready to take them on. They are currently looking at potential training for hydrogen boiler installation and upgrades ready for the future as we move from natural gas to hydrogen. While the training is still in development, this will be the next step in Terry Healy Groups sustainable journey.
Terry Healy Group’s Green Pledge
Terry Healy, Owner and Director of Terry Healy Group said ‘Being green is a long term goal for our business and embodies our business ethos. With the exponential increase in demand for sustainable materials and energy sources, we want to be at the forefront and ready to meet customers’ needs and requirements while also ensuring we are doing our bit for the environment. Our continued investment in the business is ensuring that we are ready and well on our way helping Midlothian and Scotland’s Net Zero goals. Committing to theGreen Pledge is the next stage in our journey, giving access to expert advice, support and a sounding board for our future initiatives.’

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