Online games for VR – new technologies for a thrill

With each new day, technology is improving at a staggering rate. The iGaming industry is transforming and adapting to the desires of active gamblers. We are moving to home consoles, gameplay through projectors, or even virtual reality, starting from classic slot machines with simple and cartoonish graphics. The intertwining of the physical and digital worlds is gradually moving in, and soon we will be free of monitors, using new advances. Today we’re going to talk about VR technology.

Virtual reality – the best way to have fun

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Today, computer and gambling game connoisseurs can touch the edge of the gaming industry with an unforgettable virtual reality experience. This technology is not considered new because its discovery dates back to the 1990s when it was actively introduced in various games. But the impressive equipment cost became a determining factor, preventing the widespread of VR technology in all areas of games. However, the situation has changed dramatically, as virtual reality has become closer and is an entirely viable model for gambling or computer games.

Popular gambling clubs often use VR technology, allowing you to play top slots. Soon such entertainment will appear on the website Woo casino. This will enable you to easily connect and play your favorite machines with simple hardware. Pay attention to the other portals from the list of online casinos with games for VR. A review of the casino mentioned above is available at, where you can read the advantages and disadvantages of online casinos.

So what is virtual reality? It is a boundary-erasing space that allows you to avoid the real world and replace it with a safe and bright virtual one. This technology does not just show you certain objects but enables you to use them, merging with the overall scene of the simulation. Users will be amazed at the simple things that can be viewed from a new angle, opening up the virtual world with every passing second.

Reasons for the long introduction of online casino games for VR

One major problem with the introduction of virtual reality technology is the high cost of the equipment used. Initially, players need to buy a special helmet, available to the mass customer. But this headset, even in the low-quality version, will cost you $500-1000.

The industry’s volatility is the second reason for equipping online casinos with VR slots for a long time. It is in its formative stages and regularly updates gadgets, VR helmet models, goggles, and joysticks. This requires adjusting to the created devices of the software itself, which is not an easy process in a rapidly evolving market.

An essential criterion for the introduction of VR technology is accessibility. Connoisseurs of gambling and computer games should have access to mobile applications on Android or iOS. This is influenced by statistics, where above 95% of users use mobile devices to play with a headset:

  • Oculus Rift
  • HTC Vive
  • Microsoft HoloLens, etc.

At the same time, the cost of hardware is constantly rising. In addition, it is not easy to buy a VR-compatible home computer. It has to have a high-powered graphics card, the price of which is sure to bite ordinary gamers. To provide users with the affordability of VR games, the industry must meet the following requirements:

  • Low cost compared to a regular laptop
  • The wireless functionality of devices
  • Great graphics, animation, and audio
  • Long periods of operation without recharging

Providers of online casino games for VR

Companies ready to create gambling content are important in developing VR technology. There are not many solution providers. We offer to deal with the top companies:

Software Provider Description
Casexe The software provider delivers high-end games for online casinos with VR device support. The studio is introducing virtual reality support for slots that have not previously been used in this format
Microgaming The provider has developed a virtual roulette game that can be played with a VR helmet. Oculus Rift devices and Leap Motion joysticks are suitable
NetEnt The creator of high-end slots and table games has adapted several machines to virtual reality. So you can play Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, Jack’s World VR, or Scarface with VR glasses

The structure of VR slots is quite simple and consists of the changed geometry of the gambling entertainment with the addition of 3D effects. Having chosen the game, you are interested. You dive into the entertainment world, where you can look around and see a full-fledged hall of slot machines.

Advantages of online casino games for VR

This technology guarantees you a complete merging with the gambling industry as if you were visiting a land-based establishment. You get the perfect atmosphere for a measured and profitable game thanks to high-quality graphics and playing with other live players. Your opponents can also be professional dealers or any VR owners from different parts of the world.

These VR games are easy to use and allow you to adapt quickly to the interface. Convenient controllers help to interact with slot machines in a virtual space. The user can pick up and throw a chip, press any button on the slots, and even express emotions in case of victory or defeat.

To understand this technology in more detail, check out and learn the features of the VR world. This will allow you to get used to playing casino games online faster if you are 21 years old or older. Always try to spend your money and not gamble on credit so you don’t get into credit addiction.