How to Host the Ultimate LAN Party

How to Host the Ultimate LAN Party

Are Local Area Network (LAN) parties still a thing in Ireland? The gaming world has changed because now you can play co-op games with friends from across the world. But LAN parties were social events back in the day and many old-school gamers miss having their friends come to their house to play games. 

The good news is you can still have a LAN party with your friends. If you want to know how to throw the ultimate LAN party then continue reading. We’re giving you secret tips on how to create a fun and exciting game evening with your friends. 

Decide How Many People You Want to Invite 

With any social event, you must decide how big you want the party to be. Write up a list of all the people you know that will attend the LAN and then send out your invites. Based on the number of people that are attending you’ll be able to gauge how much space you’ll need to accommodate everyone.

You Provide the Gaming Equipment 

Some of your friends may have outdated gaming equipment or none at all. You can help them by hiring computers for your LAN party. The advantage of hiring computers for your LAN is that your guests won’t have to transport their own computers to your venue. 

What’s more, with hiring services in Ireland you can get the latest equipment that will run 4K games or even lower quality games such as side-scrollers. You can also hire iPads if you want to stream music while you and your friends play games. 

Make sure you have the correct networking equipment. If you’re using LAN cables to connect everyone to your network then you’ll need a router with more than one port. Or if you’re going to play online games make sure your Wi-Fi can handle the network load.  

Pick Games Everyone Will Enjoy Playing

Not every gamer enjoys first-person shooter or strategy games. Pick a variety of games you know your guests will enjoy playing. Furthermore, make sure the games you pick allow more than two players to join so that you don’t leave your other guests out. 

Plan Activities Besides Gaming

You don’t have to play games for the entirety of your LAN party. There are other social activities you can do for the duration of your event such as the following: 

  • Watching YouTube videos on new game releases
  • Have dinner or lunch in between gaming
  • Take regular coffee breaks 
  • Have discussions on what everyone would like to play next

Be flexible with the schedule so people don’t feel like they have to take part in every activity you plan for the LAN party. 

Final Thoughts 

Your event will be a success provided you have the correct equipment and network and you have enough space to accommodate everyone. Another tip is to set up your equipment, tables and seating the night before the LAN so your guests can start playing as soon as they arrive. 

Use the tips we’ve provided so you and your friends can experience a LAN party that you’ll remember for years to come.