Ever since beyblade cartoons got released , they became one of the most famous and influential cartoon series. Every child wanted to buy a beyblade and , the streets started to become a beyblades battle ground. Tyson was rapidly becoming the ideal and influenced many kids. “let it rip”, was among the most famous dialouges.

They became a sensation in the early 2000s, now after almost two decades in 2020, and still their fame doesnt seem to be affected.

Nowadays there ar many beyblades in every shape and size, and there is a wide variety of them. So choosing sone for you can be a difficult task. .


Beyblade enthusiats have a passion to battle, test the resilience of their beyblades. And to win their beyblade battles, they need to have the beyblade whichnis best for them. As we have discussed earlier, that due to a wide variety to choose from, finding the right beyblade can be a bit tricky.

Being a beyblade enthusuast, you should know about your style of play. It should be well defined. You should figure out if you like to attack, defend or exhaust your opponent and then strike.

There is a different type of beyblade, for each style of play. You must experiment with different beyblades to know what you want. But once you find the one that suits you most, you can use not only for offense and defence, but also as a talisman of sorts, especially when playing other games, for example, those found at  casinosterson.com

There are three types of  best beyblade in the world,

  • If you are an aggressive player, you like to strike your opponent from every side and do not want to give them a chance, then you should definitely consider an attacking beyblade.
  • If you have a defensive strategy and you plan on defending the strikes feom opponent untill one of you exhausts, then you should opt for a defensive beyblade
  • Stamina beyblades are for strategic style of play. They strike when required and are long lasting. They also have the ability to dodge an attack.


They beyblade market is full of competitors, but very few of them have done a good job of manufacturing the good quality products and the one who stands out the most is Takara Tommy.

  1. Beyblade Burst Evolution Spryzen S2

After an extensive research we could only find one manufacturer which wasn’t Takara Tommy.

  • The Spryzen S2 is a beyblade designed especially for attacking.
  • It is light weighted which allows it to attack incredibly fast.
  • When launched strategically it can move through all of the stadium, which makes very it difficult to get attacked.
  • The high speeds provide an excellent collision, which can eliminate your opponent.
  • But sometimes its light weight can have a disadvantage as well. For this reason it shouldn’t be used against the more aggressive beyblades, because they can overpower it.
  1. Takara Tommy Beyblade Burst B-59

This is the best beyblade to practice and polish your skills battling skills. If you are a bit inexperienced with beyblade battles, or if you are somebody who is about to purchase their first beyblade ever, then this option is definitely worth it. This stamina beyblade is made to last long, and you don’t need to worry about the strikes, as it is is made for the purpose of defence as well.  The metallic balls at the centre of the top cause higher momentum, when the beyblade moves with high speeds, the, balls move outwards the edges and increase the the already increased speeds, this makes them last long and when it slows down these matellic balls move back towards the center to the beyblade.

  1. Takara Tommy Beyblade Burst B-103

It is a beyblade with defensive characteristics, it is perfect for the beginners, to learn how to master the art of beyblade battles.

  • It has a long driver, so it lasts longer, which makes it ideal for defence.
  • The matellic driver reduces friction and generates a lot of speed.
  • The bright yellow and orange colours add on to the asthetics of the beyblade. These colors make it stand out among others, during a battle.
  1. Takara Tommy Beyblade Burst B-148

Without any doubt this is one of the most amazing manufactures by Takara Tommy.

  • The powerful driver gives it an extra amount of momentum and a good stability. Due to higher speed of revolution it is definitely going to last long.
  • A strong top allows it to defend against most of the attacks. A high speed of revolution and a strong defence make it a difficul target for other beyblades to overpower.
  • The wings which are appealing to the eye aren’t just for the asthetic looks, but also make it defend and resist strikes.
  1. Takara Tommy B-142 Judgment Joker

This is designed foe the purpose of striking the opponent and when it comes to attack B-142 will never let you down.

  • It is one of the most aggressive beyblades in the market.
  • The hefty top provides an amazing balance during the battle
  • while the dual rubber provides the perfect attacking ability, they also stabilise the beyblade after the strikes. .
  • The driver allows it to doge the opponents, thats why it is called as a trick driver.
  1. Takara Tommy Beyblade Burst B-155 :

This is the most aesthetically appealing, and the most unique kind of beyblades.

  • What makes it stand out is the ability to strike aggressively
  • A high stamina as well, few beyblades have such all round ability to attack and defend.
  • It can either spin towards right or left.
  • It can attack as well as defend itself.
  • Initially it is very aggressive, moves around most of the stadium, keeps on striking.
  • With the passing time, the beyblade starts to maintain its momentum, if the the opponent is strong and doesn’t get knocked out even after the attacks, then the strategy of exhausting the opponent starts to get implemented .
  • The dual matellic layer generates high momentum, which ensures a greater stamina.


The choice of the beyblade matters a lot, when you intend to take part in beyblade battles. The right beyblade makes you stand out, and defines your style of play. For this reason we have provided a complete guide to buy your beyblades. You should know your preference when buying a beyblade

There are three types of beyblades.

  • The attacking beyblades are meant to be aggressive, oftenly they are light weighted, and they are fast, move around most of the area of the stadium, making it difficult to hit them. They can hit multiple times and knock out the
  • The defensive beyblades are for the ones who have a defensive approach to the battle, they do not intend to move around much, stay at the center of the stadium and they are resilient . The matellic driver causes them to spin at high speeds.
  • On the other hand are the strongest beyblade. They are designed to spin for a very long duration and defend themselves while striking at the same time. Those beyblade enthusiasts who want to battle strategically should always consider this option.

One should also look for the beyblade stadiums. They are oftenly made of ABS plastic especially designed for the beyblades to spin faster.

The launcher should also be compatible with the beyblade.