5 Tips for New PC Gamers

PC Gaming is versatile and allows you to explore more in the industry. But sometimes, the transition from console gaming to larger screens can be a little daunting. You may be wondering the software to get, the best retailer to use, or even the peripherals to pick. 

If you are in this dilemma now, we got your back. This article will help you with five tips to switch seamlessly from your console to PC gaming. Then, at least, you can access more games than what you have right now. 

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PC Gaming Tips for Beginners 

1. Get gaming peripherals 

If you have bought a PC, then you must match the device with suitable peripherals. Your gaming tools will determine whether the experience will be worth it or not. So, search for the right gaming mouse, keyboard, mouse mat, headset, etc. Don’t pick the random ones in the market. Get the ones designed specifically for gaming if you have the money to invest in good gear. For instance, you will need a mechanical keyboard, not a membrane keyboard, to enjoy PC gaming—likewise a game-specific mouse or monitor.

2. Join PC Gaming Community 

One of the greatest things about joining a community of PC gamers is that they’ll help you. There are many things you will struggle with at the beginning of this experience. However, when you meet people who have passed through it, they’ll advise you better, recommend certain things to you, and teach you where you’re confused. 

Some of the places to find these communities are on Steam, TwitchCon, or Discord. Apart from downloading games from Steam, the platform is also a meeting place for like-minded gamers. Also, you can belong to a group or community on the platform for a better experience and connection. 

3. Download Steam

Even though there are many platforms to get games, Steam is reliable and versatile. Steam is an essential platform to use for PC gaming. It is a gaming library based on the cloud. When you open an account on Steam, you can buy any game and download it. Just like we said earlier, you can access and download many games from Steam. But that’s not all. Steam is a place to connect groups, communities, and friends on a simple and user-friendly interface.  

The platform houses almost every game you can find in the industry. When you use Steam, you don’t need to worry about memory on your PC because your games will be on the cloud. The most important part is that you don’t pay to use the platform. You can only buy games from there and even get them cheaper when there are sales on Steam. 

4. Get important Software solutions. 

Now that you’re dropping the console, your most important gaming tool is the PC. So, you don’t want it to break down or malfunction during an exciting game. Therefore, always focus on keeping it in a good working condition. How? First, we recommend that you get some PC monitoring tools to handle the analysis for you. 

Software solutions like HWmonitor, CAM, or Fraps will help to monitor your PC’s performance to know when it is not working well. In addition, these tools will identify if your hardware might soon pack up or needs some maintenance from you.  They are the surveillance agents you need to prevent a sudden breakdown. So, it is a good move to keep your PC from disappointing you one day. Also, get the best anti-virus software in the market to prevent hacking or slow speed due to virus overload on your PC. 

5. Maintain your PC Properly 

There are many ways to maintain your PC. We recommend you start by installing new drivers for the PC and always update them. These drivers will make sure that the device is performing as it should. Another thing is Windows update. If you don’t update your Windows, the PC will one day malfunction. So, take time to run updates to prevent malicious attacks. 

Don’t forget to clean the device from time to time. Sometimes you may not notice that your PC has accumulated heaps of dust inside. When such things remain undetected, you may find yourself changing the whole gear one day. So, always spend some time dusting the PC, mouse, keyboard, etc. That way, everything will be working well. 


PC gaming is great for any enthusiast who wants to explore the industry more. But, if you want to become a gaming professional, you need to know and practice PC gaming. Apart from offering varieties of games to try, it presents you with more challenges to overcome as a gamer. So, your transition right now is the best thing to do. Simply follow our tips above to make it a great experience.