5 Surprising Video Game Trends for 2022

In the world of video games, 2021 felt a bit like purgatory.

There were lots of game releases and console releases that were delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. However, 2022 promises to be the year of change, with many companies like Microsoft and Sony releasing all of their backdated products.

So, if you are a fan of video games, you may want to know what you can expect in 2022. Here are some surprising trends to expect in the upcoming year.

Subscription gaming is going to be competitive

Later this year, PlayStation is going to be updating its membership tiers. Sony is aiming for its Game Pass competitor, which will allow members to have access to retro PlayStation games. Nintendo is also changing its online subscription by adding more additional features and other perks.

So, it is going to be hard for many gamers to keep up with all the games that will soon be available. Lenovo PC gaming deals will ensure that you can always afford to play your favorite games without worrying about the costs of your gaming computers.

Cloud gaming – make or break?

Cloud gaming has been trying to build its reputation for years. It stumbled in 2011 due to Google Stadia shutting down further development. Now, the developers are looking for ways to make the Cloud’s games more exciting and engaging. This may be tough. Many of the businesses that are overseen by the Cloud don’t have the reputation of Sony. And so, many consumers simply may not find it an attractive gaming service. But watch this space, as this company’s publishers and developers are slowly filling up the Cloud’s gaming library.

AR and VR won’t be moving

Pokémon Go proved itself to be a huge industry allowing players to catch Pokémon on their phones thanks to augmented reality or AR.

There have been talks of a metaverse that will be owned by Facebook, which is now trading under the name of Meta. There are discussions as to where this will lead, but for the world of gaming, the metaverse will soon materialize and will use both virtual and augmented reality when it does. For Meta, VR headsets are proving to be their number 1 feature which is attracting more investment. So, pretty soon, every gamer may be able to purchase and operate their own VR headset within their own homes.

AI will be involved

Much like VR and AR, artificial intelligence or AI is being used to improve gaming systems. It can now pre-predict anticipated moves that players can make in their games, allowing you to make moves without actually needing to make them. Facial recognition and voice recognition are making AI a part of most games, all while opening this hobby up to people who may have been unable to play previously, such as people with movement issues.

Crypto gaming

Cryptocurrency and online games collided in 2021, and companies like Axie Infinity appeared and were popular. Crypto gaming allows players to earn cryptocurrency by playing online games, and this trend is predicted to continue as more blockchain businesses open.