The Gaming Capitals of the World

The Gaming Capitals of the World

Gambling is one of the nation’s favourite pastimes and if you were to say there was one capital of the world these days, it’d be the internet.

Right across the world there are thousands of online places to play, from Casino 777, the online casino Netherlands has to offer, to a wealth in the likes of the UK, Australia and even the USA as online gambling continues to rise to prominence.

However, for many, nothing quite beats the sights, sounds and smells of a brick and mortar casino, and for many regular gameplay online is complemented by trips to the gambling capitals of the world. But where are they?

Las Vegas

We’re of course going to start with Las Vegas, the US city that is known as America’s Playground. It’s home to over 60 major casinos and in fact 15 of the 25 biggest casino resorts on the planet are based along the famous Strip.

Alongside the thousands upon thousands of slots, believed to be around 200,000, Vegas is also home to incredible residencies, top class sport and so much more, making it not only the gambling capital, but one of the entertainment capitals of the world too.


Giving Vegas a run for its money is Macau, often described as the ‘Vegas of the East’. Macau is an autonomous region of China and over the last few years has actually taken over Vegas as the biggest casino income-generating city.

The economy is dependent on the sector for around 50% of its income, with 33 casinos operating throughout Macau, as well as also offering various other forms of entertainment.


When visiting London, you get a sense of old-school casinos, with many of the world’s most glamorous and exclusive casinos operating out of the UK capital. The likes of The Ritz, Crockfords and The Palm Beach Casino are all awash with high rollers.

There’s plenty going on for low rollers too though, with many casinos dotted around the West End and other areas of London too.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo has long been associated with gambling, and that’s really only because of one casino , the Casino de Monte-Carlo. It’s one of the world’s most iconic and exclusive gambling venues, having been originally built to help save the House of Grimaldi, the royal family of Monaco, from bankruptcy.

Its 157 year history is one full of glitz and glam, propelling Monte Carlo to one of the gambling capitals of the world, despite the Principality of Monaco itself only having a total of four casinos.


With a similar scene to London, Paris has some incredibly opulent casinos dotted around the city and many games played in casinos around the world originate from Paris and the aristocracy once found there.

While it’s a city not exactly famed for gambling, it’s certainly a quite unique city to go and play, all complemented by fine dining and some of the best wine in the world.