WoW TBC Mage DPS Changes and Abilities

Here’s what you need to know about what the Mage is capable of.

There has been a number of changes made to the Mage DPS in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. In this article, we are going to be taking a look at what’s new, including a closer look at the abilities that it possesses. If you have been preparing for TBC WoW by collecting WoW TBC gold and looking into Burning Crusade power leveling, then you should get to know some of the class abilities too. For those looking into Mages in TBC, here’s what you need to know.

Mage Abilities

The Ice Block ability is what we will look at first. This sees you becoming encased in ice, which will protect you from spells and attacks for a period of 10 seconds. You won’t be able to attack or cast spells, or even move during this time. It’ll also cause hypothermia so you can’t recast it for 30 seconds.

Meanwhile, you have Blizzard which pelts your target with ice shards. This deals 1472 frost damage over a period of eight seconds. Elemental Precision cuts the mana cost too, and also chance targets resists both fire and frost by 3%. Counterspell will reverse spellcasting by the enemy, which will stop any spells from casting for eight seconds if it’s from that particular school of magic.

If you want to increase your intellect, then you can do so by 15% with Arcane Mind. Then you have Burning Soul to give you a 70% chance to prevent losing casting time as you take damage. It will also reduce the threat that is caused by fire spells by a total of 10%. You can also cut down the mana cost of frost spells by 15% with Frost Channeling, which also reduces frost spell threat by 10% too.


There has been a lot of changes made to the spells for the Mage in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. For example, Ice Block has been subjected to a lot of alterations. First of which is that it isn’t a frost talent anymore, meaning that any spec is able to use the move. That said, it does cause a debuff that you can only use it every 30 seconds. There’s also the change to Elemental Precision, which has seen a reduction to 1% per point.

Caps on AoE have also forced changes, so that spells like Blizzard are now limited to the damage they produce. Arcane Mind now increases your intellect instead of mana, which effectively adds more spell power to your arsenal. Both Frost Channeling and Burning Soul see its threat reduced down to 10%. Counterspell now only lasts eight seconds in locking, which is a reduction of two seconds.

New Abilities Added

There are new abilities that have been added for Mages in TBC WoW too which you can take full advantage of. Arcane Blast is a great new damage spell, with Molten Armor possessing a powerful armour spell to increase the chance by 3%. If you want to do some highly effective burst damage whilst on the go, then be sure to use Ice Lance.

There are new utility skills that have been added too. You can avoid conflict with invisibility, and steal effects with Spellsteal. You can steal the likes of Power Word: Shield in PvP which can be a real difference maker in battle. It’s also essential in the High King Maulgar battle too. For better quality of life, we also have Conjure Mana Emerald and Ritual of Refreshment.

With Dragon’s Breath, Summon Water Elemental and Slow, you are getting new talent spells that are unique in their own ways. They might not be that effective outside the realms of PvP, but they are still useful. With Slow you are able to focus on gaining control but doesn’t have much use in PvE, which is the same that goes for Dragon’s Breath. It simply doesn’t do the damage to make it worth your while. With that being said, Water Elemental is helpful with PvP and PvE as well. Since frost is probably the weakest in PvE, you are going to be using elementals instead to maintain control.

There is plenty of ways to get started with TBC WoW. You can buy WoW TBC gold if you wish to get ahead of the game. This gives you more time to focus on WoW TBC power leveling and looking into classes such as the Mage to play as. With this knowledge of the Mage in TBC WoW, you can get an idea of what changes lie ahead of you.

Are you planning on playing as the Mage in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade? Let us know in the comments section below!

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