Ariana Grande Heads to Fortnite’s Rift Tour

Ariana Grande Heads to Fortnite’s Rift Tour

After numerous leaks and rumors concerning who’s going to be the next artist that’s coming over to give a concert, Ariana Grande is finally heading over to Fortnite as part of their Rift Tour. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Epic has spilled the beans as to who’s the next musician that’s going to be teleported to the virtual world of Fortnite. Spearheading the Fortnite Rift Tour, Ariana Grande will be doing a series of concerts that’s not to be missed for folks who are fans of her tunes. As what’s usually done in the past concerts, players will only need to log into their Fortnite account if they want to join in on the fun. And for the Outfit-loving folks out there who get Fortnite accounts for sale, there’s surely something for them as no doubt it’s not just the spectacle that attracts the players. So what can we expect for this in-game concert? Let’s find out.

New Items and Accessories

As always, there are always new Outfits, Back Blings, or other types of accessories that can be found in the Fortnite Item Shop. But this time, everything relies on the theme for Ariana Grande’s concert. Starting, for those that are looking to complete their Outfit collection in their Fortnite account at all cost, there will be a skin for Ariana Grande herself – that’s right, players can finally live that dream of being one of the biggest pop stars thanks to the Ariana Grande Outfit. To complete the look, there’s the Piggy Smallz Back Bling which is just oh-so-pretty and adorable. For those that want to see the skins mentioned in detail, fear not, Epic Games has released a teaser video just to highlight those skins.

Of course, a concert is not complete without getting some sort of souvenir out of it. To commemorate the event itself, everyone who will be taking part in the Rift Tour will automatically get a Cuddly Cloudcruiser which is perfect for players who want to glide with the power of moe. As with everything related to the Rift Tour, the glider is colored in hot pink with cuddly bear ears danging on top of the umbrella. This is arguably one of the cutest gliders that’s in the game to date, so players have to make sure that they don’t miss the concert. If they’re really into attending Fortnite’s virtual concerts which have been a hot topic as of late, then at least they get to have a reward for staying through it.

Expect Wilder Things for Ariana Grande’s Concert

Epic Games has been keeping mum when talking about the details for Ariana’s performance, but what players can expect though is that there won’t just be a conventional setup where the performance is on a stage with their usual backup dancers. As seen with Travis Scott’s rather infamous concert last year where the rapper took on gigantic proportions and players being launched through the air involuntarily, it’s more than fair to say that the concert for Ariana Grande will be up the ante in terms of ridiculousness and awesomeness.

Now, Ariana Grande wasn’t exactly the first show up for the party. EDM artists such as Deadmau5 and Marshmello already performed in the game through large-party events. Besides being able to earn exclusive cosmetics through watching the live concert, there will also be quests that can be completed to earn rewards. There’s no telling when these quests will be around for long, but it’s safe to bet that they’ll be in Fortnite until Ariana’s tour has ended.

Schedule for the Event

The schedule isn’t so tight now compared to the other previous concerts, which is a good thing considering it gives the chance for more players to join in on the fun. Ariana Grande’s concert will kick off from August 6 to 8 with the virtual performances to have five showings to accommodate players from different time zones.


According to Epic, they recommend that concerts goers ought to log into their Fortnite account an hour or so before showtime. The Rift Tour playlist will be available just 30 minutes shy of the actual event. As with the previous virtual tours, players will be unable to attack or shoot each other to keep everything civil and enjoyable. What do you think of the inevitable news concerning Ariana Grande’s Fortnite Rift Tour? Have you view Ariana Grande 73’s Fortnite stats, progress and leaderboard rankings? Will be participating in one of the virtual performances? Let us know down below.