Online Bingo: the best themed games

The first ever online Bingo site, Bingo Zone, launched in 1996, the same year that the very first online casino site to allow automated payouts, made its debut. As technology has evolved and made way for better internet speeds, online casino gaming platforms have been developed too.

In the modern day, you can play the iconic game online at Paddy Power Bingo, for example, where all your favourite casino and Bingo games alike are available right at your fingertips, all in one place.

Here, you’ll find plenty of themed variations, alongside the classic 75-ball and 90-ball Bingo games, proving how the game has stood the test of time and evolved to be that which we know and love today.

With this in mind, read on to find out more about a few of the best themed Bingo games available to play online…

Deal or No Deal Bingo

Inspired by the popular British gameshow Deal or No Deal, this game of Bingo is like none other. You’ll see a photo of the show’s presenter next to the iconic red box on the entry page, welcoming you into the virtual Bingo room.

The game can be played as 75 or 90-ball Bingo, but for this game, we’re going to focus on the 90-ball variation.

Much like standard Bingo, you’ll be in for a chance of winning One Line, Two Lines and a Full House, in addition to taking on the Banker, who will offer a sum of money to the Full House winner.

When this happens, eligible players will be able to vote on what they think the Full House winner should do – say yes and take the amount offered in addition to their Full House prize, or say no and put the box to one side in the hopes this will increase in the bonus round.

It’s important to point out, though, that if more than one player wins the Full House prize, no choice will be offered and the amount will be split evenly.

Cash Cubes

Cash Cubes Bingo offers a brand-new take on traditional online Bingo. Tickets feature four squares with 12 numbers surrounding them, and the aim, as usual, is to cross off all the numbers. However, in doing this you’ll release the four colourful cash cubes in the centre for the chance to win prizes!

There’s even a live chat feature in this virtual room so you can communicate with other players in real-time, bringing the unique social aspect of Bingo right into your home.

Age of the Gods Bingo

Another great themed game you can play online is Age of the Gods Bingo, in which you’ll get to experience something truly divine.

The game proceeds just how you’d expect traditional 90-ball Bingo to, but when the game ends the Arena of the Gods feature will appear. During this, the Full House winner will get to pick from nine coins until three of the same god or goddess icons are revealed.

If three matching Zeus icons are revealed, 100% of the prize will go to the Community (other players). Three Hades icons will deliver 100% of the winnings to the player who bagged the Full House. If Athena lands, 25% will go to the Full House winner and 75% to the Community, and if Ares appears three times, then 75% of the prize will go to the Full House winner, with the remaining 25% to the Community.

You never know what might happen in this powerful game of Bingo!