The Biggest Online Casino Corporations Around the World

Ever wondered who owns the games you found at your favorite online casinos?  There are big gambling companies behind these famous casinos. They run the business behind the scene. While you might know some well, others are unheard of.

However, these corporations have a wealth of expertise in the betting industry, and their revenues run in billions of dollars. These companies command numerous players across the globe. Here are some of the most prominent and most successful among them worldwide.

International Game Technology (IGT)

International Game Technology is located in London and ranks at the top of betting companies for developing innovative betting products and services. As of 2018, their revenue was $4.83 billion. Apart from online gaming products, IGT also provides instant lotteries. IGT collects most of its revenue from online gaming, and players can find their lotteries on several lotteries websites.

888 Holdings

Have you ever heard of the 888 Sports website? 888 Holdings operates it. The company provides players with the largest collection of betting products and services, including poker, bingo, and casino. They launched their website in 2002, and they have continued to grow in popularity and success. Over the years, 888 Holdings has established a name in the online sports gambling industry globally.

888 Holdings is among those sites that managed to transition from traditional bookies by offering exclusive and irresistible player deals. The strategy has helped them penetrate new markets and gain global popularity.

However, due to regulatory prohibitions, 888 Holdings doesn’t operate in most USA states. The company has set its foot in New Jersey, and it might not take long before they get to more states. They have also partnered with local US corporations as the gambling market is enormous in the country.

Flutter Entertainment

Flutter Entertainment was formerly Paddy Power Betfair. Its inception was in 2016 after a merger between a top UK betting website and an Irish bookmaker. In 2019, the corporation acquired all the Stars Group shares to create with PokerStars, a leading online betting company. The merger saw this company become one of the biggest in annual profits and market value.

By 2020, the enlarged company expanded its services to reach a bigger market while retaining its strong positions in Australia and the UK. After months of applying and getting the required approvals from gaming control authorities in various countries, they could offer their services worldwide.


Bet365 is one of the biggest British betting companies, that is popular worldwide. It collects the largest chunk of its revenue from international business. The company has provided betting products and services for over two decades, becoming an online gambling household name. Currently, Bet365 has over 35 million loyal bettors from all over the world.

What Makes a Great Online Casino?

With so many online casinos at your disposal, it might be challenging to decide which one to choose. Here are some things that make a casino great.

A Big Library of Games

Numbers are significant when considering an online casino. If a casino has to stand out from the competition, it has offer players more and better games. The more the games, the more chances you will have to find the perfect games, considering betting limits, gameplay, rewards, and beautiful graphics.

Fast Payouts

Players frequent online casinos for two things; entertainment and the reward (winnings). They want to strike the big bucks by playing a game they love. A great casino understands this and offers players instant or fast payouts.

You don’t want to win the jackpot only to wait for days or weeks before the winnings can reflect in your bank account. Always look for online casinos that offer fast payouts before registering an account.

Bonuses and Promotions

A great casino knows how to reward its customers. They do this through bonuses and promotions. The bigger the casino, the higher the bonuses they can afford to give their players. Go for websites with big welcome offers as they can help enhance your gameplay and boost your winnings.