Online gaming: How to do it safely and securely

Playing games online is something that many people around the world enjoy. This sector is pegged to hit £146bn by 2022 and that shows just how popular it is. While playing offline is still something lots of people do, online gaming is now the choice for many. Whether it is connecting to the internet for a session through your console, PC, smartphone or tablet, modern tech has made this easier than ever.

Although playing online games is awesome, this is only true if you stay safe and secure while doing so. Failing to do this could mean you end up being targeted by online criminals or people who think it is okay to be nasty when gaming over the internet. But what are the best tips for playing games online safely?

Check out online reviews first

One of the best tips for safe online gaming is to check before playing. Although an online casino, game or app may look amazing, you do not know if it comes laden with spyware or malicious viruses. With this in mind, it is advisable to check out reviews of the platform, app or game you plan to try. If the general consensus is positive and no major issues with security are reported, then you can go ahead.

Casino reviews via the Gambling Metropolis site are a great illustration of this tip in action. This independent review site brings together the most trustworthy UK casinos that also offer the best bonuses. By getting information from a trusted source like this before playing, you can game online in total confidence.

Take regular breaks

Whether you plan to spin some cool online slots or battle it out in an online multi-player title like Clash of Clans, this is a crucial tip. Staying safe when gaming online is not always about protecting your money or personal details. Looking after your mental health is just as important. This is especially true for intense games where big sums of money are at stake or the in-game action is frantic. Taking time out every hour or so helps to give you a chance to refresh, relax and calm down.

Report abuse or bullying

The world can be a messed-up place sometimes and playing games online is not immune. When it comes to social games which allow you to interact with other players, it is essential to look out for unacceptable behaviour from them. This may be towards you or towards someone else who is playing the same game online.

If you come across any abusive or bullying behaviour, be sure to report it to the relevant people. This will not only ensure you stay safe but that the person who is being abusive is blocked from playing again.

Choose unique usernames, strong passwords and protect your details

The importance of following robust cyber-security tips cannot be overstated when gaming online. A great tip is always choosing a username which is not similar to your real identity. Many games you play over the internet now ask you to choose a username to show on-screen when you play. If you choose one which is your real name or very close to it, it is too easy for unstable individuals to track you down!

Choosing a strong password for any online gaming accounts is also vital. This will mean your account is tough to hack and stays secure. Remember to change it regularly and to pick a password which is impossible to guess. When it comes to online gaming safety, the last major tip is to never give out personal details online to other players. This can be an issue with multiplayer games online, where other players may ask for your real name or where you live. Do not let your guard down and tell them – you do not know who they really are or what they want this information for!

Gaming online is fun – when done safely

There is no doubt that playing games online is lots of fun. Whether you like online slots, mobile game apps or online video games, they are a great way to pass the time. It is key to focus on staying safe when playing though and ensuring your details stay secure. Most people you meet online will be perfectly innocent, but you cannot always assume this. By staying on guard and keeping your online accounts secure, you should be able to game over the internet with no issues.