What Is Slot Volatility?

Online slot machines are a main-stay of online casinos. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an online casino without a range of slot games for players to get their hands on and with good reason. Research has shown that slots are the most popular online casino game around the world.

It’s not hard to see why when you consider the ease of play, different ways of winning and the numerous themes available. But how much do you know about slot games beyond these points?

Slot volatility is an important aspect of all slot games. The volatility of a game indicates how often you can expect to win, along with the size of the prize you can expect to win. You can enjoy the best online slots with a range of volatility, anytime and anywhere.

Since the first slot machine was invented in 1895, and the pastime has made the switch online, the range of games available has grown immensely. Each slot game has different volatility. Knowing the type of volatility will help you know the type of prizes that can be won.

High Volatility

Slot games that are described as being highly volatile tend to pay out big money prizes. Take Money Train 3, it’s got 40 paylines, with the main win being 100,000x a bet. Typically known as high-risk games, these types of wins are not common. If you choose to play this type of highly volatile game, you have the potential to win top prizes and large jackpots.

In high-volatility games, there aren’t usually any mini-games that pay out within the slot game. There are typically wilds and special symbols that can add to the prize money won. If you play the same high-risk game more than once, you may find different outcomes each time you play.

Medium Volatility

Perhaps considered the best of both worlds, slot games that have medium volatility are a compromise between high and low-volatility games. They tend to offer a range of bonus features and are great for people that want to have a few wins, whilst still playing for fun. However, expect to find a mixed bag of medium volatility slots, as streaks can vary with each game.

Low Volatility

These are slots that tend to be easy to win, paying out more regular but smaller amounts. It’s about risk and reward – the jackpot won’t be as large as it would be if you won a high-volatility game, but equally, wins are usually more frequent.

When playing low volatility slots, little varies from game to game. And winning regular small amounts is what appeals to some players. More experienced slot players may opt for a high-volatility game, simply because they can feel more challenging than low-volatility ones.

There are many different reasons for players to choose different types of slot games that they want to play, including volatility. If you want to play in the hope of a big payout, it’ll be a high-volatility game that’s for you.

Alternatively, if you’re playing a new game or are new to online slots, one that’s low volatile may be the way to go. Knowing the difference between the volatility of slot games is an important factor in choosing which game to play.