Real Money Gaming in the US 2023 – Growth & Legalization

Real Money Gaming in the US 2023 – Growth & Legalization

Online casino gaming and sports betting have grown in the US since the Supreme Court ruling on May 14, 2018. The decision paved the way for various states nationwide to legalize betting on sports and casino gaming.

Moreover, even though half of the states allow online gaming, it is still illegal in numerous regions. That, however, doesn’t stop the industry from growing. In fact, it has not taken long for the sector to expand, and more growth is expected as we move into the future.

The Current State of Online Gaming in the US

Only a few states permit online poker today, including New Jersey, West Virginia, Nevada, Michigan, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. This year, if more states legalize online poker and other casino games, significant progress will occur.

In 2022, Kansas, Maine, and Massachusetts legalized sports betting, joining states like New Jersey and New York. Currently, sports betting are illegal in 16 states, including Hawaii, Texas, and Utah. States like California and Florida have ongoing debates on whether or not to legalize real money gambling.

Recently, Charlie Geren, Texas’ State representative, filed a resolution to legalize online casino gambling real money sites in the state. The resolution seeks to amend the constitution to allow real-money betting since he feels the state is losing much gambling money to off-state betting giants.

States Likely to Legalize Real Money Gambling

Most of us remember when casino and sports betting was illegal in only one state, Nevada. All of this, however, changed in 2018. Fast-forward to 2023, 33 states, including the mighty Washington D.C., offer legal real money gambling.

Even as you go through this, a handful of states debate whether to allow online gaming. Top of the states that will most likely pass the law to legalize gaming in 2023 include:

  • Kentucky
  • Missouri
  • Minnesota

The optimism around legalizing gambling has existed in these states for some time. Kentucky, in particular, has a bill introduced in 2023 to legalize online gaming and daily fantasy sports.

Most people, including the Governor, Andy Beshear, support this bill. Besides, half of the population eligible for online gaming has placed bets on different events, indicating a need to allow gambling.

As for Missouri, a third bill that could potentially allow gambling, has been filed. However, the return of Video Lottery Terminals dashes the state’s efforts.

So, whether this becomes a reality or not will depend on an agreement between Video Lottery Terminals proponents and online gambling supporters.

Minnesota has high prospects of passing gambling. The House approved a gambling bill in 2022 but most senators didn’t support it. But, there’s hope since the election left the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party with control over the Senate. They are more supportive of gambling.

Real Money Games in the US

Legal online casinos in the US deliver a plethora of casino games fit for beginner and experienced players. Video poker is one of the most popular casino games, perhaps because it was among the first to be legalized.

In addition to poker, the casinos deliver other exciting games, including online slots, table games, live dealer games, and scratch cards. Online slots come in plenty and comprise categories like video slots, classic slots, progressive jackpot slots, and more.

Table games are also many, so you will always have options to play. The games include variations of blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. Other casino games you can play at a legal US Casino are keno, bingo, and live game shows.

With all these games available, all left is for you to select a legal gambling website in your state. You will have numerous options depending on your location.

Sports Betting in the US

You can bet on sports in various states across the US. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, you will find great legal betting sites here. Plus, there are several land-based for real money betting.

The industry is full of glitz and glamor, so you will have a thrilling adventure. To add to the excitement, the bookmakers offer betting on broad sports, including basketball, football, baseball, golf, and horse racing.

You will be able to place an array of bets at the best sportsbooks, such as futures, moneylines, parlays, and live wagers. The odds are also quite competitive, making your gambling experience worthwhile.

This year, as earlier discussed, will be of considerable progress, with several states projected to permit sports betting. Besides, thousands consider sports betting an excellent pastime, which propels its growth. You can also participate in the growth by betting on your favorite sports.

Getting Started with Real Money Gambling in the US

Online gaming is gradually gaining fame as more states legalize it. For those that still need to legalize it, plans are underway. For some states, it’s unclear what the future will look like since they are yet to make any considerable progress.

To start enjoying real money gaming here, you will need to select an ideal betting website. With so many options, finding what’s ideal for your gaming preferences will be easy. Next, you will sign up for a player account and deposit money to activate real-money gaming.

You can enjoy gambling across different devices. Most websites are compatible with mobile devices, allowing gambling on the move. Some have mobile apps that run on iOS and Android handheld gadgets.

The Future of Real Money Gambling in the US

Sports gaming and casino betting have become widely spread in the country. Over half of the states have already legalized real money gambling, and many others will obviously follow the trend.

In the past, any form of gambling was only offered in Nevada. The Supreme Court ruling, however, brought a new wake, allowing states to legalize gambling when they were ready.

So far, the country reaps enormous revenue from the industry, a factor that encourages states where gambling is legal to consider its legalization. The sector is predicted to generate a yearly income of up to $39 billion by 2033.

The rapid expansion of digital gaming will majorly contribute to this surge. Besides, each state is allowed to establish its gaming laws and regulations. That enables the states to deliver unique experiences, enabling the industry to grow.

Bottom Line: The rising popularity of gambling in the country has prompted numerous states to have it legalized. Moving into the future, more states are expected to adopt a positive approach towards real money gambling, which will help it to grow.