Interesting facts about game animation

Interesting facts about game animation

Video games are rather popular nowadays.. With game development company it’s easy to carry out any task. Modern game graphics have achieved incredible photorealism. If you compare a screenshot from a modern game and a real photo, you may be in doubt which image is real and which is a computer image. And this is the merit not only of powerful hardware that can produce such a picture, but also of experienced specialists who are well aware of the optical features of the real world and understand the limitations of technology.

Game graphics have come a long way from abstract geometric shapes to modern high-poly models. Obviously, the gradual development of hardware played a key role in improving graphics, but not everything depended on this. At the same time, artists searched and tried different styles: inspired by animation, comics, simplified 3D models, added video inserts, and sometimes the nostalgic downgrade was gone. And the audience supported the developers in their search.

People love computer games

They consume approximately half a billion hours of work time, with a productivity loss of ten billion dollars. This, however, does not take into account the time employees spend on the Internet for personal purposes. According to the statistics, the average age of a person playing is 33 years

People are ready to spend money on games

Every day around the world in online casinos, people lose more than 783.5 million dollars. In an online casino, you can also lose all the money, as in a regular

Everyone knows and loves an Englishwoman of noble birth Lara Croft

She  travels the world in search of artifacts. She often finds herself in dangerous places: tombs and ancient ruins, many puzzles, traps and a variety of enemies lie in wait for her. Lara Croft has been compared to another adventurer, Indiana Jones. Lara Croft could have been Laura Cruz Many are surprised by Lara Croft’s big breasts. Initially, the heroine-adventurer was supposed to have a maximum of the second size. But once the designer, in the process of customizing the character with one click, accidentally enlarged Lara’s breasts by 150%. The development team liked the result, and they decided to leave the heroine like that. Lara Croft is a popular cosplay heroine 4. Addiction to computer games is very similar to drug addiction. If fans of this entertainment can’t play for a long time, they experience real discomfort. A cool party might look like this

Angry Birds has become one of the most profitable games in the format of mobile platforms

100,000 euros were invested in its creation. The game brought in over 60 million in net profit. Angry Birds are very popular birds

The computer has beaten the world chess champions many times

But there is one game in which the opposite is true: the world champions beat the computer. This game is called Go. Modern computers cannot yet calculate all the opponent’s moves. In addition, for the PC, the criteria for evaluating positions are also too complex. Go game has a long history

Doom game is too bloody and cruel

In 1994, they wanted to ban it in the United States because of its aggressive virtual reality. She has become the benchmark for a set of weapons. The ideal set should contain a pistol, machine gun, shotgun and grenade launcher. It’s possible to do it with

To sum up

Video games have come a long way, constantly evolving, changing, and offering more and more new experiences. Even if today they are part of a multibillion-dollar industry, they do not stop developing.

The history of gaming is full of ups and downs. During its short life, the video game development industry literally “ran” the path from stone axes to high-tech solutions of “tomorrow”, and now is striving for “space”. Not surprisingly, she regularly acts as a catalyst for new scientific discoveries.

The prevailing opinion today that technology in its current form is almost at its peak is shattered to smithereens when you look at inventions from the laboratories of Sony, Microsoft, Google and other companies related to the creation of video games.

In the future, the quality of graphics will gradually grow, although not as quickly as at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries. The supported resolution will increase, as will the quantity and quality of visual effects. Most likely, ray tracing will be ubiquitous – the new generation of consoles should already support this feature.