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The gambling industry in the world is developing. Table entertainment is in demand along with slots. For example, playing roulette at online casinos is preferred by more than 45% of registered users. Wheel with a ball and a scoreboard for betting some mesmerizing, others confusing, because the rules are simple only at first glance.

Thanks to our experts, you not only learn all the nuances and varieties of roulette, but also begin to win! In addition, the providers that develop online products, provide visitors to gaming clubs a chance to practice in demo mode.

The main rules of the game of online roulette

Newcomers, having plummeted the budget in a few minutes, flatly refuse to run any kind of entertainment again. However, experts on the question, whether it is possible to win at online roulette, answer that victory is likely, if properly prepared. At the first stage it is important to study the rules of the game. The essence is to predict where the ball will stop. It runs the dealer (the program) in the opposite direction from the movement of the wheel, which is distributed cells with numbers from 1 to 36, zero (double zero) and sectors. The more accurate the player will predict the place of the ball stop, the more will win. Bets can be placed on the website

Bets are made on a special scoreboard: 12 horizontal rows organized into three vertical, they are called columns. Numbering is sequential, that is, the first are 1, 2, 3, then below 4, 5, 6, and so on. Above the top horizontal row is “0”—the zero.

Online roulette in online casinos is almost no different from its land-based counterpart in a land-based establishment. The only difference is the connection of the online model to a random number generator, which makes the ball stop on the cells according to a preset algorithm.

Thanks to innovative technology, the development of providers on the Internet is available a large number of different variations of games. Roulette is no exception. Sometimes large online institutions have to dedicate an entire section to entertainment, because the number of models is impressive.

Popular types of roulette

European. Progenitor of all available models of entertainment. Presents 37 cells and a zero. The advantage of the player’s average 97.3%.

American. Feature – double zero, respectively, the RTP is reduced to 94.7%. However, the model assumes a mini-bonus – if the ball hits the zero, the player loses only half of the bet.

French Roulette. Almost a clone of the European model, but here the bets are marked only in French. If a client bets on zero, he wins only half of the bet. If he wins the zero when betting on other tiles, they also take only 50% of the stakes.

Mini Roulette. Dynamic simplified game: the scoreboard for betting and the wheel is reduced to 13 cells (12 numbers and zero).

Multi-wheel. Simulator runs simultaneously or with a few seconds difference at once 2-3 wheels and a ball. Bets bring double / triple the money, but you can lose more.

Live-roulette. American, French, European roulette for money with real professional croupier. Thanks to the software is live from the studio, and the action and communication takes place through the control unit.