5 Reasons to buy Real Estate on the Costa Blanca

Everyone, who has visited or has just been interested in warm and friendly Spain, definitely has Costa Blanca on their list – real estate for sale at affordable prices, picturesque resort towns, orchards… The province of Alicante has everything it takes to be a popular and famous coastal area.

Let us take a closer look at the things that make this place so attractive for the residents of Spain and other countries and what makes them want to come back over and over again as well as buy housing.

Amazing coastline

The Costa Blanca is 200 km long and officially has some of the best beaches in the world, so it can rightly be considered an ideal place for lovers of sea holidays. There are 320 sunny days here, which makes it possible to enjoy sunbathing on the white sands and walks through cozy parks almost all year round. Sports connoisseurs will like active entertainment such as surfing, sailing and golf. The close proximity to the sea also provides an abundance of fresh seafood to the delight of fans of Mediterranean cuisine.

Convenient conditions for investors

Spain allows everyone to make a profitable investment and get an impressive profit. Costa Blanca property for sale is presented in a wide range, the most popular cities are Benidorm, Alicante, Guardarmar, Torrevieja. Official statistics show attractive figures: profits in the real estate market in the country reach 10%, and profitability in coastal areas tends to increase annually. The picture looks rosy, given quite affordable prices.

High attractiveness for tourists

There is no doubt that many people can call a vacation on the colorful Mediterranean coast with breathtaking landscapes their dream. Tourists from all over Europe come here all year round, which is possible thanks to a favorable climate and convenient geographical location – the average annual air temperature here is about 26 degrees, and the water is about 21 degrees. The region enjoys special love among citizens of Britain, Germany, Holland and Scandinavian countries.

Great potential for the development of the region

The Costa Blanca is actively built up with new buildings and becomes a desired destination and place of work for architects, designers and entrepreneurs from all kinds of industries. Thanks to the well-developed infrastructure and multilingual companies, schools, services, more and more people choose Costa Blanca for life and recreation. Real estate finds its buyer for sale here quite quickly, and given the high standard of living and stable economy of the state as a whole, you will not regret your choice.

Easy process of buying the desired property

On the Costa Blanca, you can count on high-quality professional support to everyone who is not familiar with the local market and has difficulties in choosing. Many agencies conduct competent consultations, offer tours for inspection of the property before purchase, as well as provide full legal support, simplifying the execution of the package of documents. The cost of the above always remains at an acceptable level, and for greater convenience of customers, agents often provide free services.

Costa Blanca – real estate for sale, available to everyone

As it is unlikely that anyone will now have questions about the prospects of investing in real estate on the Costa Blanca, it makes sense to focus more on numbers. Today, the cost per square meter is about €1,500, and it is possible to buy a beautiful villa, house or apartment for € 40,000, which is undoubtedly a great option. Subsequent rental will bring you a good fixed income, and if you want, you can periodically use housing for a personal comfortable stay.