Investment in real estate in Georgia as a guarantee of long-term profit

Real estate in Georgia is attracting more and more interest from investors, including international ones. The country in recent years has become the leader in tourism in the region. The influx of tourists led to a construction boom. Investment in Georgia Tbilisi has become a serious investment. Both single investors and large companies invest in the country.

An enabling environment is a good ground for major investment projects (tourism, logistics, industrial). The authorities intend to turn the country into a major financial regional center. The Rothschilds are invited as consultants. The government has already signed an agreement with company Rothschild & Co, which will develop a strategy for 10 years.

Foreigners buy up apartments and houses here. Some – to live here, but most – to earn money. By renting property, it can be earned per year from six thousand US dollars and more. And if there are more apartments, then the income is higher. New buildings in Georgia are especially in demand, but the old housing stock also finds its buyers. One square meter in a new building costs from $700, on average, $800 – $1400. Buying an apartment at the stage of excavation is cheaper, at the stage of completion of construction or ready – more expensive. A studio apartment can be bought for $40,000, a two-room apartment – from $50,000 and more.

Probably the biggest demand is for real estate at the resorts – summer Batumi and winter Gudauri. Given the large flow of tourists, it will never be idle. In summer, not in season, a house in Batumi or other resort cities on the Black Sea coast can be rented monthly, and in the season (which lasts here from May to October) – daily.

Popular houses and apartments for purchase and rent are also in the capital, Tbilisi. In areas favored by visitors and locals of Vake, Saburtalo, Avlabari, Sololaki and Krtsanisi, apartments are more expensive than in other places. This is explained by the fact that infrastructure, transport and communications are especially well developed in these areas.

Another plus is that Georgia is a good place to live temporarily, a kind of “reserve airfield” in case of difficult circumstances at home and it is necessary to wait abroad. In such situations, the existing housing will help. At the base of the company Sea Inside – a large catalog of real estate in Georgia and elite real estate of Batumi on the first coastline.

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