Fascination meets sophistication The Influential Entrepreneur whose luxury store is defying design expectations

Fascination meets sophistication The Influential Entrepreneur whose luxury store is defying design expectations
HUDDERSFIELD, November 29th, 2022: Geoffrey Escudero, the founder and director of The Supercar Store Ltd, has been working on supercars since the beginning of his career. His sharp eye for detail has helped him launch a unique new business crafting art and furniture from supercar and F1 parts. The increasing demand for bespoke orders has catapulted the company to success, with over 250 products already sold. As the business continues to rapidly expand, Geoffrey has opened a new showroom in West Yorkshire to match demand for his distinctive designs.
From Humble beginnings to Accelerated Success

Discovering his passion for supercars when working for as an apprentice vehicle detailer in Sydney, Australia, the Frenchman first began building automotive masterpieces for homes in 2016, a year after he landed in the UK. By 2020 he was winning Leeds and West Yorkshire Prestige Awards. Geoffrey’s incredible creations are now present in luxurious villas across 25 countries and exhibited in motor shows, magazines, and art galleries. To own one of these bold pieces of furniture or art, car enthusiasts can expect to invest anything from £3,000 to £50,000. As well as designing and selling his own creations, Geoffrey is regularly commissioned by his clientele to collaborate on tailor made pieces.

The business owner explained: “Our clients are car lovers and collectors looking for something unique. They reach out to us because they’ve seen our work and want to create their own original piece.”
If not supplied by the customer, finding the parts is the first step when commencing a project. Even though they have established an extensive network to source parts, it can still take some time. Not every engine is suitable for conversion, to keep the cost down and to avoid wasting good running parts, the company always tries to source damaged motors.
Hard work and dedication: The behind-the-scenes process
The meticulous design process requires an in-depth mechanical knowledge as well as patience and organisation. Upon finding the engine, the company dismantle and remove all the unnecessary parts, cleaning and modifying the parts they will be reusing in the creation of the piece. Next, they use a variety of engineering machines and design software to manufacture the exact components. Whilst time consuming, the endless creativity of the owner means the business has already completed many projects, including Ferrari and Bentley coffee tables.

The finest automotive furniture for the most luxurious homes

Some of the company’s most popular items include office chairs, F1 lamps, piston clocks and F1 sculptures.
Office Chairs
Made with genuine car seats and high-quality mechanisms, they’re perfect for home or work use. They’re customizable, so clients can choose from different shape bases and colours and even request from what car makes and models the site comes from.

Piston Clocks
Show off your love for supercars while keeping the time. These are made with pistons and connecting rods, beautifully finished, and have fitted a high-quality quartz movement, so they’ll keep running smoothly no matter how many times they are looked at. Made with different car make and model versions.

F1 Lamps
Using Formula 1 exhausts from the V6 engine powered era, the first lamp was created in 2019, and a second is now available for sale. The full structure is designed and manufactured in their workshop and hand-polished. Powered by 12-volt LED bulbs, and it can be controlled via a remote.

The F1 Sculptures
This impressive F1 exhaust sculpture has been custom made for a client request. Created with an Arrow A21 exhaust system race used in the 2000 Formula One Championship, this sculpture sits on a matt black pedestal. The manifolds have been mirror-polished before being plated in 24ct gold and mounted to a carbon fibre. The hexagonal container holding the gold components represents the shape of an engine block. The overall height of this ornament is impressive 2.4 metres. It has a premium led lighting system, powered by a lead acid battery hidden inside the pedestal.

With The Supercar Store, you will find a unique motorsport-inspired experience in which supercar parts and high-quality craftsmanship are combined beautifully to build spectacular masterpieces for your home.