Sinalda UK awarded Best AC Voltage Stabilisers & Power Line Conditioning Specialists 2022 by SME

BEDFORD, 30th November 2022:  Sinalda UK Limited, a manufacturer and provider of AC Voltage stabilisers and power conditioners, are this years winners of the ‘Best AC Voltages Stabilisers & Power Line Conditioning Specialists.’ The business and their passion for finding professional power solutions has paid off, with the company being awarded for consistently providing both businesses and households with industry leading voltage products. With the recent global energy crisis, adverse weather and security challenges increasing the likelihood of upcoming power shortages, the company is attempting to tackle these risks, offering technical support and solutions that are reliable.

As an industry leader, Sinalda provides premium services that consistently deliver better results over comparable products on the market. Despite many pivoting towards the cheapest solution on the market, Sinalda offers premium quality devices whilst adding extra value that other products do not. Reflected in the premium value of the company’s solutions, the businesses’ excellency has acquired a large and loyal following, with many customers returning to the company.

One of their most popular products is their Voltage Stabilisers. The technology works to continuously monitor the incoming mains supply of any household or building, automatically regulated by the output voltage. The load is also protected from harmful surges, spikes, and transients due to the inbuilt protection.

There are also models available that offer enhanced levels of Transient Voltage Surge & Spike Suppression (TVSS) protection in less prevalent situations where electrical noise is also an issue. These products filter out any electrical noise and interference present on the incoming utility supply, commonly referred to as a ‘CLEAN’ supply.

Who are Sinalda UK
Winners of Best AC Voltage Stabilisers & Power Line Conditioning Specialists 2022, Sinalda UK, offer a consistently high-tier output of products, supported by exemplary and knowledgeable staff. Built over three decades of specialisation in the industry, it is no surprise that Sinalda have been awarded the Best AC Voltage Stabilisers & Power Line Conditioning Specialists of 2022.