Make Your Wedding Memorable with The Best Engagement Ring

When shopping for the best engagement ring, knowing the important things to consider will help you make the right choice. Keep in mind that an Engagement Rings is a significant purchase, so you want to make sure you do it right.

In this article, we will provide you with tips to help you buy the perfect engagement ring.

Consider The 4 C’s

When you’re shopping for engagement rings in Atlanta, it’s important to pay close attention to the 4 C’s: color, cut, clarity, and carat.

Color: GIA’s color grading scale ranges from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown). In this color-grading scale, D is the highest and best grade, and Z is the lowest.

Cut: This is the measure of a diamond’s light performance and is based on proportions, symmetry, and polish. Excellent and ideal cut grades offer the most brilliance and fire.

Clarity: Diamond clarity refers to the degree to which a diamond is free of inclusions and blemishes. The fewer the imperfections, the higher the clarity grade of the diamond. When you’re shopping for diamond rings in Atlanta, look for a clarity grade of VS or higher.

Carat: Carat denotes how much a diamond weighs, not the size. The heavier the diamond, the more valuable it is. Because brilliance matters most, you should focus more on a diamond’s cut rather than its carat weight.

Which of The 4 C’s Is the Most Important?

The cut is the most important of the 4C’s as it determines the beauty and sparkle of a diamond. This is followed by color, clarity, and carat weight. A poorly cut diamond ring will look dull and glassy, no matter its clarity grade, color grade, or carat weight.

Choose The Perfect Setting Metal

The choice of the setting metal plays a huge role in the overall appearance of a diamond ring. There are four main choices when it comes to your setting metal: rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. Choose a setting metal that complements your style, depending on your budget. For instance, platinum is more expensive than white gold and requires more maintenance. If you prefer more color, choose a rose gold or yellow gold ring.

Ideas to Make Your Engagement Ring Truly Special

  • Make use of multiple metals for the diamond ring to make it stand out. For instance, you can use platinum and gold for your engagement ring.
  • Add a personal touch to the engagement ring by adding a message for your significant other.
  • Add a pop of color to make the ring a little bit different from the rest
  • Choose a unique ring setting

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