Crypto Market Analysis: Bitcoin (BTC) Could Fall Under 16k While BudBlockz (BLUNT) Is Soaring

Being the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) is always all newbies’ first pick. Its skyrocketing value has always attracted investors. This token became the most valuable digital asset when people realized its importance as a store of value. It made borderless transactions easier and allowed users to acquire the required products and services anonymously. Bitcoin’s value surged rapidly in 2021, and then the market crash brought it under $20K. Is it wise to invest in Bitcoin when the BudBlockz (BLUNT) surges? Experts recommend investing in this new token if you wish to gain multi-fold returns.

Continue reading to learn why BudBlockz may provide much higher returns than Bitcoin in the near future.

BudBlockz: Uniting the Cannabis Industry and Offering a Decentralized Platform to Trade High-quality Products

The cannabis industry has grown exponentially in the past. Users rely on various sources to access recreational cannabis. However, sometimes they spend much more than the product’s actual value to acquire good-quality cannabis. Since many countries have legalized the sale of recreational marijuana, it has become a bit easier to find quality products at fair prices.

BudBlockz is a decentralized platform that aims to eliminate the monopoly of a few large corporations currently dominating the marijuana industry. It aims to emerge as the most trusted e-commerce platform for buying and selling cannabis. Users can navigate the BudBlockz site to source top-quality products from the finest producers. Thus, end users will get the highest quality product at fair rates.

Using Decentralized Technology to Offer a Safe Platform for Cannabis Trading

Demands for recreational cannabis are always high. Users always search for sellers who can maintain a consistent product supply. Unlike other web portals, BudBlockz uses decentralized technology to protect the marketplace and users’ data. It may emerge as the most user-friendly platform to buy cannabis legally anywhere in the world.

BudBlockz will allow users to list their products, sell them online, and establish cannabis dispensaries. It will use the non-fungible token (NFT) technology to ensure community users are accessing the platform legally. It will also license marijuana products legally and ensure users trade safely within the ecosystem.

BudBlockz may become a community of like-minded people seeking fair opportunities to buy and sell high-quality weed products. Users will place their orders online, track their shipments easily, and navigate various cannabis markets.

Using NFTs to Digitize the Best Products

Non-fungible tokens are immutable digital assets. People are using NFTs to sell the ownership of a variety of collectibles. BudBlockz will use Ganja Guruz NFTs to verify eligible users and list the best products on the marketplace. Innovative blockchain technology will help this platform serve users from all over the world. It may become the most popular digital platform to buy and sell cannabis products securely.

Offering Fractional Ownership of Farms and Dispensaries

BudBlockz has decided to establish farms and dispensaries in compliant locations worldwide. It will ensure community members can access the best quality products smoothly. Users can get fractional ownership of those farms and dispensaries and will also be eligible to earn dividend income through these NFTs.

The $BLUNT Token is BudBlockz platform’s native cryptocurrency offering a digital medium of exchange. It will also provide liquidity within the ecosystem. $BLUNT can be used to receive crypto payments and pay for cannabis product purchases on the site.

Many crypto analysts believe $BLUNT Token’s value may surge as it gets listed on major exchanges. You can make a huge profit by trading it at much higher rates in the upcoming months.

Bitcoin: Struggling to Regain the Lost Glory

People expect a huge price hike in Bitcoin’s market value after the recent announcements made by the Fed Chair. Originally launched as a simple payment cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has become one of the most popular and pioneering coins and is often credited for the success of the new blockchain technology economy. Unfortunately, this crypto winter may not end anytime soon. Analysts believe that Bitcoin’s value may go below $16,000 once again. It will recover and set new records, but you might need to wait several months. As per reports, Bitcoin’s price has gone below its estimated mining cost.

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