Photographers’ online community creates a digital-currency-inspired token system

Photographers’ online community creates a digital-currency-inspired token system
 LONDON, UK, 12th December 2022  – 100ASA, an online community with over 20,000 photographers worldwide, is shaking the market again with an innovative approach.

After releasing an app set to compete with other photo-sharing platforms and a unique range of professional services, they have taken their token system to the next level.

Tokens are a unique 100ASA feature designed to avoid low-quality images and scammers. It protects our photographer’s work and ensures the reliability of the 100ASA community.

Tokens acquired by 100ASA users can be used as a digital currency, staying with users until they decide it’s the right time to spend it. And it will be more than just about “when”. It’s also about what the users will spend it. 100ASA’s members can use their tokens to do more than upload photos. For example, they can trade them for paid memberships, professional photo critiques, amazon gift cards and much more.

This is a unique online community of professional and amateur photographers with an innovative curation process. Founded in 2019, it now has over 20,000 free and paid members. Unlike other photography platforms, they don’t claim ownership of your work. What you create will always be yours.

All 100ASA images go through a rigorous curation process before appearing in their galleries. Each gallery has its requirements and criteria for approval. Both seasoned professionals (curators) and the community decide together what photos are featured. 100ASA also has invested in ways to prevent mass uploads and fake accounts. 

For amateur photographers, it offers a great way to learn from professionals and use their feedback to build upon their photography interests and hone their skills. 100ASA is the perfect photo-sharing platform that brings the community of photographers together without letting their financial interests hurt the craft and psyche of the users it aims to attract.