Getting Your Cat Groomed is Essential and Possible – The Easy Tactics to Follow

Cats love to groom themselves. And at times, all you find that your cat is licking himself or herself, which might make you feel that there is no scope for you to groom your cat. Looking at its fur all the time, you might think that your cat has it all in a beauty department. But still, you can have access to the grooming practices that you might want to keep to the cat’s skin and fur. Therefore, you must keep to the tactics such as weekly brushing, occasional ear cleaning, and regular nail trimming, which will result in a massive difference in your pet’s health in the long term. It can enhance the bond between the cat and you. And you will find it easier to hold your cat.

It would help if you read about cat grooming tactics to decide what is better for you. To get started, here are some tips that you can opt in for:

Get into early grooming

Kitten hood is the apt time to get the cat used for your grooming. Here the kittens can get used to being preened by the mothers, making them increasingly receptive to being groomed and handled by the humans. You must be gentle and use positive reinforcement so that the cats learn to have a good time during grooming.

You can even hit luck when you are grooming an older cat. But chances are that it gets slightly more challenging when they get used to much touching and attention. If the cat is somewhat new to grooming and moves slowly, you must be careful about introducing new products, techniques, and tools for many months. You will have to exercise minimal patience and get a great-looking cat.

Prioritize playtime before bath-time

Cats usually don’t like water, which makes baths slightly challenging. And while the cats are generally correct at self-grooming and don’t need any daily bathing, there are occasions when they can get into trouble. Then there is a need for a good scrub. You can arrange playtime before the bath so the cat has some fun. Once the play session is over, chances are they will have significantly less energy left, and they will eventually get into the bathtub. If you wish to trim the cat’s claws before the bath-time, you must keep yourself completely safe.

Make use of human shampoo instead of cat shampoo

When rinsing the cat’s back and neck using lukewarm water, you should select a cat shampoo for cleaning the fur. Cat shampoos are slightly less drying than human shampoos, making them apt for the cat’s sensitive skin. You must apply the shampoo in a similar direction where the fur grows, from the head to the tail. Take care so that it doesn’t get into their eyes. You should provide them with a decent rinse to ensure no soap residue when it gets clean. If you wish to clean around the cat’s face, you have to use a damp washcloth.

Brush once a week at least

When you brush the cat’s fur, it will make sure that it can stay shiny and healthy. When you give it a good brushing about twice or once a week, the fur’s health gets maintained by eliminating dead skin, dirt, and other debris. Does your cat have long hair? In that case, you can increase the brushing frequency to about twice a week to avert tangles and matting. A daily brushing routine can prevent hairballs by eliminating excess hair. Moreover, your cat’s fur will become smooth and shiny.

You should invest in the best grooming tools

When you look at the brushing tools, a slicker brush or the bristle cat brush is apt for shorthaired cats. On the other hand, the wide-toothed comb is also capable when you look at the longhaired kitties that can have mats and tangles. When you wish to have a gentler grooming session, you can choose a grooming glove and gently massage your cat.

It would help if you cleaned beneath the ears

When you decide to clean the cat’s ears, it needs to be part of the routine, more so because they aren’t able to lick all these areas and clean their body. You can apply the vet-recommended ear cleaner using a cotton ball or pad and wipe all the dirt or build-up beneath the ear. As you are cleaning, you need to avert the ear canal because it is sensitive to pressure or probing. When you notice any small black ground in the cat’s ear, it can denote mites, and you have to take good care of it.

The cat nail clippers help

The kitty needs to use the nail clipping by de-sensitizing it to the noise. One of the tips is to place raw spaghetti in the nail trimmer of the cat and provide it with a snip as you gently press on the cat’s paw. This way, they relate to the noise, and slight pressure is exerted on the paw. This will not make them run as you use the nail clippers to get the nails trimmed.

Clip a couple of nails at one go

Once the cat is set for the nail clipping, you should move slowly and clip about two nails. Moving slightly fast can make you hurt the pet, making them somewhat scared of the clippers. When you get a few nails done, it can bring ease to the process. You can avert the sensitive pink base on your nail at every cost and stick to the trimming at the sharp tip of your cat’s claw.

Get the required help from your friend

If your cat is slightly squirmy after the tips you have applied, you need to get in touch with your friend for assistance. Here a person can hold the cat, and that can be slightly easier for you to get the nails clipped. And despite that, if you can’t accomplish the process, you must get in touch with a cat grooming professional who can execute this efficiently.

You can make things peppy by using pet-safe nail polish

There are cat owners who want their kitties to look exclusive. In such a situation, apply nail color that is pet-friendly. It usually gets formed for pets. You will find several brands that are available in the market which are highly safe and non-toxic. Go ahead and buy the polish pen that enables you to color each nail slightly differently and not make a mess. It can add the required glamor to the nail polish. You can avert the human nail polish remover so that the cat remains healthy.

It would help if you introduced them to cat-friendly toothpaste

You must keep your cat’s teeth clean and ensure optimal gum health. You need to ensure that the cat chews the food slowly. You should add the cat toothpaste to their mouth and then massage the gums with a cotton swab. It will enable you to familiarize them with the feeling and the taste, preparing them for the brushing.

Purchase the cat toothbrush

Instead of the human toothbrush, which is slightly oversized for the kitty’s mouth, you can select a toothbrush that is apt for cats. You can place a minimal amount of cat toothpaste on it and move for your work, thereby taking much care for brushing well. In case you want, you can also purchase the cat toothbrush, which can fit on the finger that is gentle on your gums.

Finally, it would help if you managed the fleas and the ticks. Ticks and fleas are two common external parasites that latch onto pets. You can run your hand on the skin to feel any abnormal bumps that can be ticks embedded in the skin. If you find one, use the precision tweezers to grab the heel and pull it upwards. You can clean that space in the cat’s skin later.

On the other hand, fleas are usually found via flea dirt. It mainly refers to the black species, which get left behind the skin. If you think you have detected some, you need to check with the vet, as they can suggest a correct flea treatment using a spray or shampoo. Once you know these grooming tips, you can apply them and ensure that your cat is well groomed.

Like any other domesticated animal, a cat needs proper care, love, and attention. Otherwise, their growth and development will be less desired. It would help if you took your cat to the nearest vet whenever you notice something amiss and check it thoroughly. At the same time, there are many cat-grooming professionals. Why don’t you hire one of them and ask the professional to groom and train the cat so that it looks decent and presentable? You can always ask the professionals if you have any queries regarding your cat’s grooming sessions. They will help you out. Find out which is the nearest pet-grooming clinic in your area. Go ahead and book your appointment at the earliest.