Doodles vs. Ganja Guruz: Which NFT Collection is More Affordable for Collectors?

Doodles vs. Ganja Guruz: Which NFT Collection is More Affordable for Collectors?

The surge in popularity has led to a significant price increase, with some NFTs selling for millions of dollars. It has made it difficult for many collectors to enter the market and has led to a growing demand for more affordable options.

Ganja Guruz and Doodles are a response to this demand. With most Ganja Guruz selling for under $300, it makes it a more realistic option for many collectors who may not have the financial resources to invest in more expensive NFTs.

Let’s explore the differences between Doodles and Ganja Guruz and help you determine which NFT collection is more affordable for collectors.


Ganja Guruz: The future of BudBlockz (BLUNT)

Ganja Guruz is a new and exciting collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that aims to make collecting digital art more accessible and affordable for a wider audience. The collection features a diverse range of artwork and designs, all inspired by the culture and history of cannabis.

The idea behind Ganja Guruz is to create a collection that is both affordable and collectible. The collection creators have achieved this by keeping the cost of each NFT low while still ensuring that the artwork is unique and of high quality. Even those on a budget can get in on the fun and start building their collection of NFTs.

One of the biggest reasons for its affordability is that Ganja Guruz is a community-driven project created by a group of artists who work together to produce various NFTs. It allows for a more significant number of NFTs to be made, which drives down the cost for collectors.

Ganja Guruz employs a “supply and demand” based methodology. It implies that the NFT’s value depends on its use level and demand for it. This enables more price flexibility and increases accessibility to various collectors.

Overall, Ganja Guruz is an excellent new NFT collection that is shaking up the world of NFTs with its affordable prices, high-quality artwork, and constant updates. It is a collection that is accessible and appealing to both new and experienced collectors alike. Its unique and vibrant take on marijuana culture will make it a favorite among collectors for years to come.


Doodles: A fast-growing NFT brand

Doodles is a collection of cute and quirky digital art created by a group of artists known as the Doodlers. The collection features a variety of characters and creatures, each with its unique personality and backstory. Doodles are compared to stickers or emoticons, which have become a popular way for people to express themselves online.

One of the main benefits of Doodles is that they offer a more democratic way for collectors to participate in the NFT market. Traditional NFTs are often sold at exclusive auctions or private sales, making it difficult for many collectors to access them. On the other hand, doodles are sold on open marketplaces, making them accessible to a broader range of collectors.

Both Doodles and Ganja Guruz are very affordable NFT collections. However, when it comes to price, Ganja Guruz is generally considered to be cheaper than Doodle.

It is worth noting that Ganja Guruz collections have many strengths and appeals and a strong potential for future appreciation in value. So, this is an excellent opportunity to invest in the NFT world and be a part of something new, exciting, and valuable.

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