Female-led staffing agency set up by entrepreneur while at university celebrates 13 years in business

 Female-led staffing agency set up by entrepreneur while at university celebrates 13 years in business.

A FEMALE-led firm that has taken its industry by storm is celebrating 13 years since its launch.

Phoenix Staffing was set up in February 2010 by entrepreneur Sarah Moxom while she was studying at The London School of Economics and Political Science.  Sarah was working in the nightlife and temporary staffing industry alongside her studies and decided to leave the agency she was working for to set up her own business. She found that the treatment of women like her in the industry was not good enough and so wanted to make a change with the intention of becoming a positive force in the industry.

She signed up her first client after her final university exams – who the company still works with now.

Sarah started out running the business by herself but now employs around 25 people, with thousands of temporary staff having joined for contracts over the years.  The firm offers a range of services across nightlife, entertainment and hospitality including drink upselling, temporary hospitality and event staff and more, offering people flexible work arrangements.

The Phoenix team is completely made up of women – something CEO Sarah is proud of with nightlife and hospitality being so male-dominated.

She said: ‘Part of my vision for Phoenix is to provide a space for women to thrive. The flexibility and vast list of opportunities that our office team and contractors can access creates independence and freedom to grow in ways that other industries have not been able to offer. Our environment creates driven, inspired businesswomen.’

Initially Pout Promotions, the company rebranded to Phoenix Staffing in 2017 and has been on a path of acceleration since. The business now operates across the UK, Dubai and Ibiza and has worked with hundreds of clients including some big industry names such as Hilton Hotels, Proud Cabaret, DogsTrust and Stonegate Pub Company.

The ethos behind the business is to empower all staff, whether permanent or temporary, to earn money on their own terms, whether it’s around building their own businesses, studying or looking after their family.

Jodie Dass joined the firm as a shot contractor before being promoted to accounts manager and now works around her family commitments as a mum-of-four. She said: ‘Finding a job that fits around being a mum is a struggle and often it means putting your career on hold if you’re working typical hours and end up paying more for childcare than you’re getting paid, but working for Phoenix has got my career back on track.

‘I’m not just a mum or a wife, I’m Jodie, a manager, and I’ve gained my power back.’

Sarah hopes that the next 13 years will bring even more growth and will allow more men and women to work flexible jobs that enable them to build success in all aspects of their life. She said: ‘I look back and am so grateful for all of the opportunities that we have been able to provide for so many people over the years.

‘With the ever-growing team and powerful vision, I cannot wait to see what the next fifteen years plus has in store! The Phoenix fire will continue to burn so bright.’

For more information go to www.phoenixgroup.global/staffing