6 Eye-Catching Indoor Hotel Pools in the World

6 Eye-Catching Indoor Hotel Pools in the World

There is nothing better than a lengthy and relaxing vacation after a long period of busyness. However, traveling could be tiring, especially when the family is accompanying you. There are high chances of time spent resolving arguments between your children, disagreements on where to go next, and wails of a tired toddler. But no worries! A good luxury hotel can give you all the relaxation and tranquility you are looking for on a trip. And you know what’s even better? Beautifully designed hotels with eye-catching indoor hotel pools!

We have prepared a list of some eye-catching indoor hotel pools globally, worth enough to travel across oceans if you are fond of good architecture and swimming. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  1. Swimmin’ Hole Lodge – Gatlinburg

If you have never rented a cabin with indoor pools and smoky mountains outside for a family holiday, you are seriously missing out. The Swimming Hole Lodge is one of the best  Gatlinburg Cabins With Indoor Pools and has so much to offer. There are two levels, entertainment and pool level. The pool level is on the lower floor, full of thrilling services for you and your family. A private, luxury pool straight out of the movies, all yours to enjoy! These cabins’ privacy is not the only plus point because the entertainment level is also full of exciting activities like arcade games, Pac-man, and a large pool table. It’s undoubtedly one dream of a vacation spot with accommodation for around half seven to eight guests.

  1. Mandarin Oriental – New York City, United States

There is an indoor pool on the thirty-sixth level of this impressive and artsy hotel, giving a city view from top to bottom. Got built to provide laps and three lanes for swimmers, the pool is too attractive not to swim in. But no worries if you don’t want to get into the water, the extravagantly designed lounge seats give you the perfect view of New York City to sit, watch and relax. All hotel guests can enjoy it, from children to old-aged people. And there is a unique spa treatment available, a full day of access pass without a price to pay.

  1. Brown Beach House – Croatia

There is nothing fancier than an architect inspired by the history of old cities and heritage sites. In Croatia, Brown Beach House is a guest house of its kind, consisting of 40 plus rooms and an indoor poolside designed after the city of Trogir. The checkered pools are highly inclined to the architecture of Greeks, Venetians, and Romans. The builders have used fascinating black and white-colored marble floors, covered with an anti-slip material, and designed to remember the ancient and the most remarkable Roman Empire. Even the details of the furniture are exceptional and will leave you in awe of the place. It is possible that even after spending quite a few relaxing days there, you wouldn’t be able to get it out of your mind too soon; it is that mesmerizing.

  1. Park Hyatt – St. Kitts

If you are looking for a romantic stay-in and have plans for a dip in the beautiful indoor pool, then Park Hyatt is the one for you. It is an adults-only zone, situated on the beaches of Banana Bay and recently opened in the ’17s. With private accommodations of over 100 rooms, it is undoubtedly a fascinating place. The ancient barricades found on Brimstone Hill Fortress islands in the 18th century have inspired this hotel’s designs.  What makes it even more exciting is the use of stones and other ornaments found on the site and used in the original castles. The sunny days give off a relaxing vibe in the surrounding waterfalls. Artificial lights at the bottom of the pool sparkle at night, giving off an image of stars. It is truly a place you’d never want to leave.

  1. Grand Cascades Lodge – Hamburg, New Jersey

Suppose you are looking for a wholesome experience of a tropical indoor pool, along with beautiful scenery to relax in. Grand Cascade Lodge is the one for you –located amidst the breath-taking view of high mountains and tropical greenery; these pools are winning the game. The advanced glass roof allows you to sunbathe as much as you want and accompanies indoor water slides and waterfalls. It surely doesn’t end here because you have to see the large and luxurious Jacuzzi, steam room themed like a cave, an aquarium on the bottom level, and a sauna! It is an impeccable vacation spot, complete with café and servings of tropical drinks!

  1. Burj Al Arab – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is famous for its tourism and mind-blowing architecture. The dreamy Burj Al Arab doesn’t fail to excite the travelers even when it comes to indoor pools. Atop the Persian Gulf, this hotel has four different indoor pools designed in magnificent gold and blue colors. Like the rest of the hotel, the poolside has impeccable tile work and tall pillars. The wide stairs that descend into the pool provide a fantastic view of the pool’s colorful bottom, while the lush sofas on deck give off a relaxing vibe. It is one of the most expensive hotels globally. It is a place to expect the best services; from furniture to towels, everything is exceptionally intriguing.


Indoor pools are an additional activity to distract your kids with and a fantastic spot to calm down from the chaos of traveling. And all these eye-catching and stunning hotels are surely going to end up as one incredible memory. If you travel these places, don’t miss the chance to experience the joy of being at one of these hotels.