Jaden Garza Makes Nomad Internet Easier to use Than Ever with Travel Bag Option

Jaden Garza Makes Nomad Internet Easier to use Than Ever with Travel Bag Option

Nearly 25% of homes in rural areas throughout the United States don’t have internet access. Jaden Garza and Nomad Internet are aiming to change that. The combination of 4G and 5G connectivity provided by the small, community-based company can help rural Americans make phone calls, watch videos, check email, and explore the internet.

Nomad Internet is the largest WISP (wireless internet service provider) in the country. It started out providing internet services to areas such as campgrounds and RV parks. While Jaden Garza worked hard to offer value to those customers, he also saw the opportunity to provide service for additional groups who were not getting the support or coverage they needed.

Nomad Internet Has Continued to Expand

Started in Texas in 2017, the Wi-Fi company has been highly focused on making sure people all over rural communities and areas can get internet service when they need it. That’s true of hikers and campers, but also true of people who simply live further away from areas with high-speed internet options. In many of these locations, fiber cable isn’t available to carry an internet signal.

Because of that, children don’t have a computer at home where they can do their homework, and it’s hard for parents or other caregivers to look up any needed information. From following an online recipe to seeking a telehealth appointment, having quality internet matters. Jaden Garza wanted to change the world for people in these areas and providing internet access does that.

From RVers and campers to those who live on farms and in other rural locations, there are many times in life when internet access is useful or even needed. Garza and his wife created their company the options for people in these situations were slim, and sometimes nonexistent. By July 2021 the company had more than 20,000 customers and was continuing to grow.

Traveling as a Digital Nomad

With the latest option from the company, Garza and his team have created the opportunity for people to take internet with them, just about wherever they go. The Nomad Air Travel Bag includes up to unlimited internet, a “one week” back-up battery, and a rapid solar charging panel. That allows for a completely off-grid experience and the internet capabilities people need.

Nomad Air was already in use by many of Nomad Internet’s customers, but with the travel bag it is now possible for travelers to take Nomad Air with them even if they don’t have power. That means completely off-grid options for traveling, camping, hiking, and much more. The battery and solar charging panel powers the Wi-Fi, so customers can continue to use it in more isolated locations.

Using sunlight to charge the backup battery is easy and convenient, and the fast charging means customers who use this option will be back to using their internet quickly. That can be extremely important for anyone who is working on any kind of deadline, or who needs to find or convey information quickly.

Because solar charging comes with the Nomad Air Travel Kit, the battery can be charged multiple times. Using the Wi-Fi with solar is no different from using it with standard electricity. That can mean up to unlimited internet capabilities for anyone with the kit, allowing for longer hikes and more off-grid opportunities throughout the country.

Jaden Garza Understands the Value of Digital Interaction

Being able to stay connected is important, even for people who want or need to be physically far away from others sometimes. Not only does Nomad Internet and the Nomad Air Travel Kit option work well for travelers wanting to explore the wilderness, but it is also good for researchers. Explorers and scientists often go into the field, and they need to report their findings to others.

With both vehicle- and foot-based GPS tracking, this internet option is the way to do all of that quickly and more efficiently than ever before. A lost hiker can be found through tracking, but it’s also possible to go off-grid in a way that’s more private for those who really want time away from it all.

Living a rural or nomadic lifestyle can be extremely freeing. However, there are also times that it can be inconvenient. Jaden Garza and Nomad Internet are dedicated to the free-spirited nature of this kind of lifestyle, while adding security and protection through internet access. This is an excellent combination for anyone looking to explore or live in more remote areas.

Banking, healthcare, video chats with grandchildren, and all kinds of other aspects of life are digital today. For people who don’t have internet access, this is a bigger problem than just missing out on the latest meme. It’s also about not being able to get access to important information when needing or missing stronger connections with family and friends.

The power of digital connection is real, and Nomad Internet wants to make sure more people can experience it. There are 60 million Americans who live outside of major metro areas. Many of these people don’t have internet service to their homes, or they have service that’s spotty and unreliable. That can make all the difference for them when they need internet services.

About Jaden Garza and His Vision for the Future of Internet Availability

Jaden Garza is a Harvard University Executive Training Program graduate and has shifted his focus to making sure rural communities and off-grid enthusiasts can stay connected. In the past, connectivity through digital methods may have been more for fun, but it has become a matter of necessity for most people. It can make the difference between reaching someone in a time of need, or not being able to get the help and services required.

With so many needed and valuable services being offered online, not having access to quality, stable internet can be a hindrance to health, finances, work, and other areas of life. Garza and his wife are both big advocates for making sure people have the internet access they need. What started as a way to add internet to a local RV park has turned into something much more.

With the creation of the Nomad Air Travel Kit backpack, Nomad Internet has added one more opportunity for people who want or need to be off the beaten path. It can work for someone who doesn’t have electricity at their home, who wants to camp, or for explorers and researchers heading into a remote area for study.

No matter why a person needs a remote internet option they can rely on, Jaden Garza and his company can provide opportunities for digital interaction and internet availability that will increase quality of life. Ongoing growth and platform improvements are making it easier for people all over the country to stay more fully connected to others.

The future will contain much more of the same, with Jaden Garza and Nomad Internet leading the charge for rural Americans, digital nomads, and back-country travelers of all kinds. There’s no reason to do without stable internet options in more areas of the country now, and that’s giving help, information, and interaction to people who would otherwise have to do without.