Does Virtuemap Help With Procrastination – An Honest Review

Managing our duties and daily obligations in all spheres of our lives becomes a more complicated task regarding all the stress and mental issues we face. These result in procrastination, low self-esteem, and other problems interfering with an active lifestyle. Virtue map is a perfect solution to these and related troubles. This Virtue map review informs you of the baseline peculiarities of the app.

What is Virtue map?

Virtue map – is an application made to help people solve their problems with procrastination and build life skills. The app is developed with the assistance of certified specialists in neuroscience and psychology, which explains its simplicity and efficiency in solving time-management and motivation issues. 

The app does not impose any large-scale goals or tasks – it integrates organically into a user’s daily life and helps improve it through simple tasks, communication, and informational support. 

What problems and tasks can Virtue map solve?

The official website and the Virtue map reviews claim this app helps people handle the following behavioral issues:

  • mental issues that result in procrastination (ADHD, perfectionism, anxiety, etc.);
  • lack of time-management or social relationship skills;
  • problems that result from procrastination (doubled anxiety, low self-esteem, etc.).

Most mentioned points create a vicious cycle that people can give up trying to interrupt as they try to handle all at once. The Virtuemap app helps people find out and recognize the mental issues that stop them from reaching their goals and remove them step by step by completing small daily tasks and exercises. 

The process of interaction with the program

To start your anti-procrastination program and follow it smoothly, you need:

  1. Pass the questionary to let the app create for you informative, and effective plan.
  2. Choose the subscription option. It’s possible to buy access for three months (which equals the duration of an anti-procrastination plan) or pay once and for all to get unlimited access. 
  3. Get acquainted with all the information about your thinking habits and mental issues that stop you from being productive.
  4. Choose a group to be accountable to. It’s possible to choose a large group where hundreds of users can communicate, or prefer a smaller one – with up to 8 people. Involvement in a community makes you feel better about your current state and lets you share your progress and ideas. 
  5. If you feel the tasks and community members’ support are not enough, you can use the advantages of addressing the partner professionals – success coaches.
  6. Progress and enjoy being more and more confident in every area of activity.

One of the most significant aspects that provide the biggest success percentage – is permanence. The fewer days you miss – the better your progress goes.

Pros and cons of Virtue map

We mentioned some benefits above, but if to unify all of them in one list, Virtuemap is distinguished by the following:

  • multifaceted help tools and means;
  • simple structure;
  • considerate informational base;
  • communication opportunities;
  • flexible and affordable pricing;
  • reasonable time frames for eliminating procrastination issues;
  • scientific complex approach.

As for the inconveniences, the only aspect is the app is not appropriate for professional mental care and can be used as a supportive means only. 

Conclusion about Virtue map

The overview of all the aspects and details of how the Virtuemap application works show that it is perfect for people who want to find motivation and eliminate procrastination through their own efforts. Reasonable pricing and a comfortable interface make it suitable for any user, which explains its efficiency. Find out more on the official website.