Benefits of a Commercial Heat Pump

A commercial heat pump is a great tool for heating and cutting costs. If you’re a business, then the benefits of a commercial heat pump are probably well-known to you, but newcomers may struggle to grasp their true worth. This can be an issue, and it’s hard to make smart decisions when you don’t know what you’re dealing with. Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of a commercial heat pump and see why they’re such a great decision for your business.

Heat Pumps Increase Efficiency For Any Business

With regards to energy efficiency, heat pumps are some of the best in the business. They offer unparalleled amounts of performance and serve to deliver an incredible experience.

These types of pumps are actually 400% more efficient than any existing standard heating system.

Because they move heat rather than create it, they generate savings that are up to 60% for ground-source heat pumps and then 40% savings for air-source heat pumps. Understandably, these are amazing savings which can help any business to keep bringing their average costs down even when there’s an increased demand for energy, according to a report published back in 2014. The Grundfos Magna1 32-60 is a good example of a safe, reliable heat pump.

Heat Pumps Are Incredibly Reliable

The main reason why a heat pump is such a great choice is that it’s a very reliable way of heating a space without the need for masses of maintenance. This is definitely the gold standard for any business, but it demonstrates just how valuable the heating pump can be under the right circumstances.

Businesses need to be able to set up a heating system and then walk away without having to worry about regular maintenance, which is exactly what a heating pump can do. The great thing about the heat pump is that it can work for about 25 years without needing to replace it and guarantees a certain level of efficiency throughout that period in contrast to a typical boiler, which can actually lose up to 2% efficiency every year, and has a limited lifespan of only 12 years. A reliable pump we recommend is the Grundfos Magna1 32-100.

Heat Pumps Are Eco-Friendly

The big reason why people use a commercial heating pump is that they are very eco-friendly. In the modern era, it’s very important for businesses to be able to say that they are working in a very green way, and eco-friendly heating methods are definitely on the list of things that would look good when trying to appeal to the public.

Your typical heat pump uses a lot of renewable energy sources to generate heat. However, they can also be coupled with an existing above-ground energy supply, like solar panels. Considering that a lot of businesses are under very strict conditions to follow energy guidelines, it’s useful to be able to draw from an eco-friendly source.

Commercial Heating Pumps are Safe and Secure

Arguably, one of the most overlooked things that a heat pump can deliver is a lot of safety. Safety and security for heating systems probably need to be one of the big considerations for businesses, but it’s often one of the most overlooked.

The big problem is that compared to typical energy sources, like gas and fire, out-of-control fires or gas leaks can become normal. Understandably, this could be very damaging for any business and will put the entire property in jeopardy.

However, heat pump systems use water that is heated only at a reasonable temperature, which prevents the possibility of burns from hot water. Any business has a duty of care to employees and the general public, so having safe heating systems is never a bad thing because it inherently allows the business to maintain its safety standards. We’d recommend the Grundfos Magna1 50-100 F for safety.

Commercial Heat Pumps Have a Lot of Benefits

It’s clear to see that a commercial heating pump has a lot of benefits. It’s a very powerful resource that can be used in lots of different ways because it delivers a consistently reliable service that can be employed effectively. How you choose to use a heat pump is entirely up to you, but there are lots of benefits to doing so. Safety and eco-friendly energy are both good things for any business, but the main draw has to be energy efficiency. Being able to cut costs across the board helps a business to maintain a high level of profit.