How To Write A Compelling College Essay For Ivy League

How To Write A Compelling College Essay For Ivy League


It’s a dream for every school student to enter the best colleges and get a good education. This is the first step to securing a bright career. For generations, young minds have fought to enter the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, Columbia University, Harvard, and Dartmouth College- not with their swords but with their pens!

Yes, you got it right; the application essays test the candidate’s competency. Millions of kids are competing to get a seat. Even the admission procedure is getting more tiresome with time.

We know that you, too, nourish the same dream in your heart, but college essay comes between you and your dreams. So how to get rid of it? We will help you out here so that you can write an engaging IVY league essay. So let’s find it out here.

How To Write A Compelling College Essay For Ivy League

The first thing that you need here to write a compelling College essay is good writing skills. You might have heard the Shakespearean immortal line, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them” (Twelfth Night). Yes, this is so very apt and just in this context. Yes, you too can also write a compelling IVY league College essay. Let us check out how!

1.Read More

To write well, you have to read extensively. There are no shortcuts to it. Reading is a habit; the more you read, the more high-quality content enters your subconscious. That comes out in the form of quality writing. Therefore you have to continuously work on your reading.

Fix a particular time for reading. Read your own modules as well as something out of your syllabus. One of the best things is getting assistance from a competent essay writing service like Fresh Essays. They are professional, and they understand the pain points of students. You can take help from these quality essays to learn about the art. That’s what is needed here.

Other than this, you can also write a few essays by genuine writers. Take, for example, James Baldwin’s “Letter from A Region in My Mind,” Nora Ephron’s ‘A Few Words About Breasts,’ or even Annie Dillard’s ‘Total Eclipse. You will be enriched without any doubt.

2. Ivy League Essay Prompts

Let’s come to the practical aspect of writing. You have to go through the essay prompt thoroughly. Most students suffer from the same fate because they do not care to read the essay prompt. It’s a thorough description, along with questions.

If you read them, you can understand what exactly is needed in the essay. Different Universities have different styles, so you must practice reading through the Essa prompt.

While you read the prompt, highlight the important keywords and other important lines. You can cover most things in the essay even if you follow them.

3. Selection Of Ivy League Essay Topic

The topic selection is another core aspect of writing a compelling College essay. If you do choose a topic and write it, you can write a fair essay. But if you select a topic of your choice, then in this case, you can write a high-quality essay. Therefore select the topic to which you can devote hours of extensive research and study. You can discuss it with your peers and even the seniors.

4. Deciding On The Structure Of The Essay

When you have fixed the essay, decide on its structure. You can follow the general structure of the essay. You can also design it as per your needs and requirements.

Allocation of word count on a specific subject is important, and it decides the quality and fate of your essay. The essay’s general structure includes the introduction, main body, and conclusion. If the university has some specified ones, in that case, you can work on them.

5. Panicked All The Time? Fix It

It is observed that even if some students are good with their writing, they find it difficult to deliver their best due to health reasons. Do you struggle with anxiety and other psychological disorders? Then, in this case, you have to fix it. Visit a psychologist.

According to a recent observation made by Statista, 24.6% of mental health clinicians say that anxiety is the root cause among students, and it raises grave concerns. Consult a psychologist or psychiatrist and discuss things in detail. They can help you not only with your IVY essay but life.

6. Mention A Lots Of Detail

IVY essays demand high quality as they determine your fate in entering an IVY league university. So they need nothing short of a top-notch essay. The only way to write a high-quality essay is to focus on the details. You have to be up and doing while you research a topic.

Details consist of statistical and other data. They keep the engagement levels intact in your writing. So invest time in research so that you can do well with your essay and end up writing a quality essay.

7. Humble Tone

Tone or delivery is quite an important aspect of your overall essay. While you describe a particular thing, you show them how it affects you personally. It can extract the humbleness within you. Make it a practice and set the tone.

Please remember that you want them to select you and not others. Show them that you are an avid learner and can strain all your nerve to deliver for the prestigious university and you.

8. Make Your Message Simple And Clear

The magic of high-quality writing is simple and clear messages. Never show your pedantry to the teacher with bombastic words and expressions. Show what you have but with a lower tone.

Convey your message as an ardent learner, and you can unquestionably make things clear for yourself. Therefore you have to work continuously on the message. Keep it simple and clear to win it for you.

Closing the Discussion

Always keep your personal touch while writing an essay. They keep your level of interest intact. Please remember that personal essays reveal what you are rather than someone else.

Don’t feign someone else; you can never succeed in cracking the IVY. The advice we all discuss is of high quality, and they can help you deliver according to your needs. Therefore, you need to understand the IVY university requirements well and keep practicing.