The Contemporary London Exhibition: Rush to the Wilderness

Since the pandemic people’s perspectives have been shifted and the interconnectedness of all beings, including the natural world has been highlighted. Inspired by artists collective urge to return to the wilderness, Artists explore the relationship between nature, human identity, and connection in the aftermath of a global crisis in this exhibition. As people navigate a new normal, people are reminded of the vital role that nature plays in people lives, providing solace, nourishment, and a sense of belonging. Through art and reflection, this exhibition invites everyone to immerse ourselves in the diversity of flora and fauna, to appreciate the delicate balance of ecosystems, and to cultivate a deeper connection to the natural world as people move forward in a post-pandemic era.

Selection criteria for the exhibition: The exhibition plan will be drafted by GALLERY NAT London, and will be called for globally in February 2023. It is open to outstanding professional artists from all over the world, and European art history critic Renaud Ego / Maxence Alcalde and GALLERY NAT London curator team will be invited / M P BIRLA MILLENNIUM ART GALLERY Tripartite joint selection. A total of 19 contemporary artists from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, India, China, and Hong Kong, China were finally selected from the 370 artists who submitted submissions from around the world, and will be held at M P, London, England from March 15th to March 21st, 2023 Live exhibition at BIRLA MILLENNIUM ART GALLERY. At the same time, the GALLERY NAT London curator team will hold an exhibition reception on March 15, 2023. During the exhibition, various art awards will be selected for the exhibition theme “Rush to the Wilderness”. Each award is born from the works exhibited on the spot in line with the principles of fairness, justice and academics. After the end of the pandemic crisis, the world focuses on rationally returning to the inner connection of nature, philosophy, and human nature. The diversity of natural organisms, the inheritance of human civilization, and the changing contradictions of all parties in the society form a series of survival and thinking problems, and study the direction of social development.
Exhibition theme
Rush to the Wilderness – London Contemporary Juried Exhibition
Exhibition reception
16:00, March 15, 2023 (Greenwich Mean Time)
Exhibition time
March 15-21, 2023
Exhibition address
4A Castletown Road West Kensington London W14 9HE
Xi Wang /Yue Yin / Wuchao Feng
The final selection of participating artists in the global public selection
Prasad Beaven / Yan Chen / Xiangyu Dong / Chun Han / Phil Hohn / Mack Gingles / Yizhu Gong / Stacy Isenbarger / Xiaotong Jiang / Saruha Kilaru / Danlei Kong / Steve Kong / Francesca Miotto / Giulia Simeoni / Josh Spindler / Annie Trevorah / Yijuan Wang / Zhuo Yao / Yuyi