Spring Cleaning. Areas not to forget!

Spring Cleaning. Areas not to forget!

There’s no better feeling that when winter starts to pass, cold nights and darker days can really bring some people’s moods down and this has a knock on effect when it comes to cleaning your home. After the rush of Christmas, the hustle of having family members in and out of your home creating memories that will last a lifetime, the best way to reset is to have a good spring clean. Premium Clean here to help ensure that you cover all areas of your home to help you start the new year fresh and clean in a home that you can really relax in. So when spring cleaning we believe it is best to always start from the top down, this allows you to ensure that you’re not creating a mess on top of the clean areas that you have already cleaned. So let’s get started, beginning in the bathroom.


The bathroom is one of the more intricate rooms and usually requires a little more attention so it’s best to start here while you’re fresh and ready to clean. Wipe down all window sills and shelving brushing onto the floor. The floor will be the last surface you clean in this room so brushing and dust and debris onto the floor at the beginning won’t matter. Place some cleaning product down the toilet bowl this will give it time to soak while you clean the rest of the room,  Make sure to wipe down all door frames and skirting removing all dust. Next descale taps and fixtures including shower screens, if shower screens are glass be sure to use a glass friendly cleaning product this will ensure no smearing and cloudiness is left behind. We always say using eco-friendly products is most efficient and safest for the family and planet. Be sure to not miss light fittings and light switches.


Once all surfaces have been cleaned, dusted and disinfected you can then empty the room of all the cleaning equipment and products you have used and sweep/ vacuum the floor mopping in the bathroom should always be the last step in the bathroom, you don’t want to be walking back over a freshly mopped floor to finish sections you have missed. Mop using long sweeping motions side to side slowly allowing you to scoop up and miss debris in the mop. Now the bathroom has been spring cleaner you can move onto the rest of the home, the other rooms are all very similar. Start by wiping all higher shelving and surfaces, dusting all  surfaces including doors and frames. All decorative items will also need a wipe over to remove dust.


Once you are satisfied with the room you can then proceed to vacuum and mop if hard flooring is present. The only room that is slightly different will be the kitchen, this room may need some extra attention. After all this room has just served you and your family an amazing festive dinner and this can take its toll on appliances. To start, be sure to remove and clear out the inside of the appliances wiping all food debris out, pull out small appliances and give the worktops a wipe behind. This is where a lot of food debris can gather and not be seen. Inside the oven can also get fairly grubby so next take all racking out and give that a soak in the sink using eco friendly products, this can soak while you continue to clean.


Wipe down all sideboards and pack away any washing up that might be on the draining board. Clearing away can really bring a sense of cleanliness to the kitchen, packing up any clutter can also give a clear, clean feel. Once you are satisfied with how everything looks you can sweep/ vacuum and then mop the flooring finishing of the kitchen. Once every room has been completed you will be ready to enter the new year fresh, clean and clear minded. A fresh start and a clean sparkling home can really help you start the new year off with a positive attitude. Spring cleaning is so rewarding and can help you keep on top of the cleaning before it gets too out of hand, making it easier to stay on top of and not get overwhelmed.