BAU 2023: Rimex Metals Exhibition Stand

A specialist for stainless steel surfaces, Rimex Metals, is set to showcase the diverse possible uses of stainless steel in architecture at the BAU 2023 trade fair. The world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems will take place at the Trade Fair Center in Munich from April 17th to 22nd, 2023.

With the presentation of new stainless-steel variants and their use in reference projects, Rimex Metals will demonstrate that, despite the challenges of climate change and the need for resource-saving handling of building materials, beauty and uniqueness continue to find expression in modern architecture.

One of the most notable projects featuring Rimex Metals’ stainless steel is the Museum of the Future in Dubai, which opened in 2022. With more than 17,000 square meters of pattern-rolled stainless steel sheets in the Rimex structure 6WL (BA), the museum showcases the outstanding architectural and manufacturing achievements that can be achieved with stainless steel.

At the BAU 2023 trade fair, Rimex Metals will also showcase unmistakably creative application possibilities in elevator construction, entrance areas, interior design and individual mailboxes and post boxes.

Visitors to the Rimex exhibition stand can expect to see the top new materials that have been developed by the specialist for stainless steel surfaces over the last four years, including the anti-fingerprint coating CernoTex™ and FinoTex®, a finely matted foldable stainless steel strip material.

Rimex Metals will also emphasize the sustainability of stainless steel and show how its leading the way with best practices in the industry to ensure environmental impact is kept to a minimum. In most applications, stainless steel has the property of being able to be recycled for future uses.