LPA announce VisiRule FastChart to combine Machine Learning and rule-based expert systems

VisiRule FastChart is an exciting new addition to the VisiRule family of visual AI expert system tools.

VisiRule FastChart can automatically interpret decision trees and use them to auto-construct a VisiRule chart without any user involvement. This means that historical data can be used to create VisiRule charts.

For example, given a historical log of machine data and fault logs, a decision tree can be induced which when exported to VisiRule FastChart will lead to a visual model being built in VisiRule. This chart can be used to predict future occurrences based on current data.

VisiRule incorporates Artificial Intelligence in the form of expert system rule-based inferencing. Complex behaviour and computation can be represented as a set of interconnected decision rules which in turn can be represented graphically in VisiRule.

Clive Spenser, Marketing Director, LPA, says, “VisiRule FastChart is an exciting new addition to the VisiRule family. It allows companies to utilise historical data to build current models to help predict and prescribe remedies for future situations”. Clive adds “The highly visual philosophy of VisiRule makes building and testing such models more practical and opens up the world of AI to a much wider audience.”

VisiRule FastChart is available for immediate release as part of the VisiRule product range at a price of 2500 USD.

VisiRule is an easy-to-use Low-Code No-Code tool for subject matter experts, like lawyers, tax advisors, engineers, to rapidly define and deliver intelligent advice and troubleshooting guides using decision tree flowcharts.

VisiRule allows experts to capture, evaluate, refine and deploy specialist expertise as smart AI solutions. Use cases include problem triage with recommended prescriptive actions plus document generation.

LPA is a small dedicated AI company in London, England which has been providing logic-based software solutions since it was formed in 1981. LPA products have been used in a wide-range of commercial and research applications including legal document assembly, environmental engineering, information modeling, disease diagnosis, fault diagnosis, products sales and recommendations.

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