The swinging community has become a massive phenomenon with the creator of a new swingers’ app set to meet demand

Carl Shepherd, the mastermind behind Pineapple, a new swingers’ app, shared a recent experience of unexpectedly encountering a fellow parent from their child’s school at a swingers’ club, emphasizing the idea that “You don’t know who you’re standing next to”.

With more than 1.5 million couples actively swinging across the UK, Shepherd said the community is beyond the growth stage – it’s already huge.

Shepherd said dating platforms for swingers come and go, and many communities worldwide are looking for a safe place to meet like-minded people. That’s why he created Pineapple. It’s designed for those who want to explore diverse dating – from threesomes to cheeky kinks – in a secure place with no strings attached.

With more than a thousand pre-launch sign-ups already, Pineapple certainly seems like an app a lot of people are searching for. Pineapple focuses on offering the swinging community safety and optional anonymity while they interact with others within the app.

Manual checks are made by staff on every user to ensure they are who they say they are, and are on the app for genuine reasons.

While swinging is still not something commonly spoken about openly, Shepherd said it is losing its historical taboo. “It hasn’t been frowned upon as much by the media, and there are TV programs about it, so it’s definitely… coming into the limelight more and more.”

He expects Pineapple will grow to be huge worldwide and is excited for the community’s involvement to ensure it delivers on what customers are looking for.

To learn more about Pineapple and sign up for the prelaunch, visit the website.