Thousands of Office Items Repurposed and Saved from Landfills by Kings Office Furniture

A leading provider of high-quality second-hand office furniture, Kings Office Furniture, is proud to release its 2022 Annual Impact Report, highlighting the company’s impressive sales figures and dedication to environmental responsibility. In 2022, Kings Office Furniture sold 21,287 second-hand office desks, 14,654 office chairs, 6,912 used pedestals, and 4,320 office cupboards. Production of brand new furniture to satisfy this demand would emmit over 2.5 million kilograms of CO2 into the atmosphere. It would take about 125,000 trees to grow for a year to offset such emission. These figures showcase the company’s pivotal role in promoting sustainability by repurposing office furniture and diverting waste from landfills.

The 2022 Annual Impact Report details the significant environmental benefits of Kings Office Furniture’s business model. By refurbishing and selling used office furniture, the company helps reduce waste, conserve natural resources, and lower greenhouse gas emissions associated with manufacturing new furniture. Furthermore, Kings Office Furniture’s efforts contribute to the growing circular economy by extending the life of office items and supporting responsible consumption practices.

“We are thrilled to share the results of our 2022 Annual Impact Report, which not only highlights our successful sales figures but also underscores our unwavering commitment to sustainability,” said Aaron Mayer, CEO of Kings Office Furniture. “Our customers recognize the importance of making environmentally responsible choices, and we are proud to provide them with affordable, high-quality used office furniture solutions.”

In addition to its environmental impact, Kings Office Furniture has made significant contributions to the local community by partnering with schools, non-profit organizations, and small businesses to furnish their workspaces. By offering a wide selection of used office furniture at competitive prices, the company helps these organizations reduce overhead costs and allocate more resources to their missions and services.

Looking ahead, Kings Office Furniture plans to expand its inventory and services to reach even more customers and further promote sustainable practices in the office furniture industry. The company will continue to invest in innovative refurbishment techniques and explore new opportunities for collaboration with environmentally conscious partners.

For more information about Kings Office Furniture and its 2022 Annual Impact Report, please contact the company headquarters at or 0800 6522 809.