Travelling Photographer’s Thriving Newsletter Reaches 1000 Subscriber Milestone in Sparse Economic Climate

Andy Marshall, British architectural photographer, is celebrating a major achievement, with his newsletter, Genius Loci Digest, reaching a significant milestone of 1000 subscribers. The newsletter is a reflection of Marshall’s travels around Britain in his camper van, capturing hidden gems and remarkable places along the way on what he fondly calls his ‘camper-van-camino’.

Andy has a unique story. He came to photography after a breakdown in his thirties and specialised in photographing historic buildings. He won a photography lens for his post-grad thesis on Genius Loci in Architecture, and it is from this unique fusion of history, photography, travel and van life that he has forged a new way forward via his newsletter.

More recently, Andy needed to adapt to the challenging economic climate, and the Genius Loci Digest emerged as a by-product of his travels to connect with a wider audience and share the beauty of the places he has discovered.

As Andy explains, “My commissioned photo shoots take me all over Britain, and during the spare time I seek out hidden gems to visit and photograph. Even after all these years, I’m amazed at the beauty and diversity of our heritage and I’m still discovering inspirational places to share.”

Since its launch, the free weekly newsletter has reached a remarkable 1000 subscribers from all over the world, and has become the primary focus of Andy’s work. Recently, he introduced a Membership Programme, offering additional exclusive content. The programme has been a success providing him with supplementary income that has enabled him to fund further adventures and offer free photography to charitable places in need.

“I love everything about making the digest, from the trip planning, to the photography, to the writing. I hope that subscribers get a taste and sense of the places and people I visit – and their wisdom.” says Andy. “One of the most rewarding responses I’ve had to the Genius Loci Digest is: ‘I love seeing the world through your eyes.'”

Andy Marshall’s Genius Loci Digest is free to subscribers and can be accessed online at: