Is Open Transport Safe Auto Transport

An open transport is one the most readily available vehicle transport variations out there, providing a necessary service to Americans not only in continental US, but also Alaska and Hawaii. However available it is, one of the main concerns about the open transport trailers is that they are not safe for the vehicle – here’s what the professionals at have to say about it.

Regarding the safety of an open auto transporter

In order to provide a good understanding of the issues at hand, the professionals at one of the largest carrier finding platforms in the US, have provided some vital, insider information regarding the topic of safety. After all, one of the reasons why so many people choose the auto transport industry is due to safety and convenience – and that’s what we’re talking about today.

They have limitations

Just like anything in life, there are limitations to the open car transport service. One of the mains ones is that there is little to no protection for the vehicles from hale, heavy rain and road chips which can occur at high speeds or under high loads, such as carrier full of cars.

That being said, the chances of having your car damaged by atmospheric anomalies is highly unlikely and would be far more likely for the car to be abducted by aliens. Joking aside, the truth is that yes, while vehicles are exposed to the weather and harsh conditions, this is no more different than regular use, and it might be worth the low price of the service.

They are safer in windy conditions

An open transport, while open to adverse weather, rain and so on, is actually safer in high winds due to its open plan. This means that any side wind will be passing through the carrier, rather than hitting it and stopping at it.

This is the situation with enclosed transporters which are boxed trailers with large, high dimensions, very much like the side of a barn. If heavy side wind hit it, there is a high chance the trailer will tip over, which is a lot less likely to occur on the open road to an open trailer such as the ones we are discussing here.

While the open trailer does have some limitations, it offers convenience of availability, the convenience of an open transporter, more space and a smaller charge for the service.

Not suitable for high value cars

However, one of the major concerns of many high value car owners, is that they are not suitable for high valued vehicles. This is true to some extent, though this really depends on the owner and exactly how much they care about the pain job.

If this is a road car, which is frequently used on the open road, rather than a show car, then using an open transport is absolutely okay in the eyes of the professionals at They do recommend that you provide or request a protective cover which will protect it from incurring dust and dirt and well as the acidic fecal matter of birds, road chips and any other atmospheric occurrences.