Cab Crisis Hits Singapore Commuters

According to Statistics Singapore and the LTA’s website, the city-state lost more than half of its taxis between 2014 and 2022. During the Pandemic, demand switched toward private-hire automobiles. More than three times as many private rental vehicles were added to the road during the period, even though the general P2P fleet size, including taxis, decreased dramatically throughout the Pandemic.

Despite several options for hailing a cab, Singaporeans still struggle to get a ride on rainy days, peak hours (6.00am to 9.30am and 6.00pm to midnight), and holidays.

Booking a cab in the CBD takes at least an hour in advance that’s why booking a private rental vehicle service is often recommended.

Although outside of the CBD, you may hail a cab on any public street at any hour of the day, and you can reserve a private rental vehicle in advance using a ridesharing app or online portal.  

Booking a Private Cab in Singapore

Singapore’s taxis fall into two primary categories. Flag-down and phone reservations are available via traditional taxi firms, including Strides Taxis, TransCab, and Prime Taxi, whose drivers are salaried business employees.

Often referred to as “private hire vehicles,” ridesharing services (like Grab, Ryde, TADA, and Maxicab) enable online reservations through smartphones (PHV). Drivers may use their own cars, or even hired vehicles, to pick up passengers, so long as they meet the specific criteria of each service.

How to Book a Cab?

Here are popular options for booking a cab in Singapore:

  1. Choose a cab service and how to reserve it.
  1. Know that there will be additional costs to consider.
  1. Confirm when and where you need to be picked up.
  1. After a cab has been allocated to you, take note of the vehicle’s registration number and the projected arrival time.
  1. After the cab arrives, verify the reservation with the driver and let them know where to drop you off.

If you want to book a cab for you then here is the link to the website:

Cab Booking Guide

Here are some of the options for booking a taxi in Singapore:

OPTION 1        Calling a cab service booking number

  • Common Hotline: 6342 5222 (6-DIAL-CAB)
  • Comfort &CityCab: 6552 1111
  • Premier Taxis: 6363 6888
  • Trans-Cab Services: 655 3333
  • Prime Taxi: 6778 0808
  • SMRT Taxis: 6555 8888
  • Maxicab: +65 8300 0991

Depending on the cab company and off-peak vs. peak hours, the booking cost might be as high as $4.50. (Advance booking)

OPTION 2        SMS-A-Cab

“BOOK<space> Mailing Addressspace> Postal Code

Location of pickup or #pickuppoint


“BOOKspace>Building Name, Blk No, St Name<space>#Pickup point.”

One helpful hint is to have your zip code handy.

OPTION 3        Taxi Apps for Bookings

Simply download the app, choose your location, schedule an appointment, and wait for a confirmation.

Guests who sign up may use the apps’ ability to recall their most recent three reservations without re-entering their pickup addresses.

OPTION 4        Hailing a cab on the street

Bus lanes, bus stops, double yellow lines, double zigzag lines, and roads in the central business district where buses operate are all places where taxis are not permitted to stop for passengers.

OPTION 5        Waiting in line at designated taxi stands

Singapore’s streets, notably the CBD, are lined with taxi stands. The unique taxi stand code and sign make these locations easy to spot. The lobby entrances and exits of most hotels, restaurants, theatres, and other public buildings (such as hospitals) serve as convenient taxi pickup and drop-off points.

OPTION 6        Maxicab’s Online Reservation System

Customer Portal that allows you to schedule rides online. This online private cab reservation system will enable users to sign up for an account at no cost. The unique online portal allows the user to check the status of a booking (whether it is pending, cancelled, or confirmed with an estimated time of arrival), get an estimated fare, and see a cab fare chart.

Private Cab Service in Singapore

In Singapore, Maxicab will make your holiday or business trip memorable. Maxicab provides one-time and all-day transfers, budget-friendly and aesthetically pleasing packages for all your transport needs.