Addressing the lack of help for Autistic and ADHD individuals and families in the UK

Jude Morrow, the Derry-born founder of Neurodiversity Training International, has often spoken in the media about the lack of support for Autistic and ADHD children, adults, and their families and the dire need to build a supportive community for those who need it most. Jude has made global headlines on the content he has provided around his experiences of being an autistic child in the mainstream school system and his working and business life. He was featured in Forbes Magazine in February 2023 following multiple successful speaking tours, events, and publications.

Neurodiversity Training International has just launched the Neurodiversity Learning and Support Space, which offers weekly live learning seminars delivered by Jude himself and other guest speakers and expert facilitators worldwide, Q and A sessions, and discussion groups on its online platform. Offering classes on Autistic/ADHD Women and Girls, differing sensory profiles, relationships, managing well at school, transitions, nutrition and diet, workplace accommodations, and how Autistic/ADHD children and adults can build confidence.

“I grew up in the 1990s and early 2000s as an Autistic child. Back then, I wasn’t very proud of being different because I had no role models to look up to, nor did my parents. It was a worrying time for us all, and what saddens me is that in 2023, Autistic and ADHD young people will feel the same as we did. I am told on a daily basis with bursting email and social media inboxes. That is why we launched the Neurodiversity Learning and Support Space. Where we have weekly live learning classes from those with professional and lived experiences, an opportunity to ask us questions and be around people in the same position. No amount of medication or therapy made me feel optimistic about life. What did help was being part of a community where I don’t feel alone. We want to be people our younger selves and parents could have looked at and felt positive about the future. We have made this accessible and affordable worldwide. We humans have been talking and supporting one another since the days of meals around campfires. This is a big happy Neurodivergent Campfire where people can ask questions, share their stories, learn positive information, or enjoy observing. Some are offering training seminars that are one-off and often expensive. The Neurodivergent journey is a lifelong evolving journey. You can try it out completely free for 30 days, and it is only £9 a month. Come and join us”.

Neurodiversity Training International has been operating since August 2020 and has completed training sessions with IBM, Kyndryl, Google, 3 Mobile, and other global corporations and educational institutions. At a local level, Jude has delivered motivational talks and seminars for parents of Autistic children to see their positives and strengths to overcome what challenges they may face in life.

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