Digital Marketing Agency ‘crdone’ Helps Gadget GoGo Become A Market Disruptor, Moving From Underdog To Top Dog in 24 Months


UK based boutique digital marketing agency ‘crdone’ is celebrating success this month, demonstrating size isn’t everything as Gadget GoGo reaps the rewards of their laser focussed marketing strategy that has seen the underdog become one of the most impactive market disruptors to date.

Seeking to compete in an incredibly crowded marketplace dominated by global names such as Music Magpie, Mazuma Mobile and CEX, Gadget GoGo, buy, sell and repair gadgets; however, the small brand has always struggled to compete with mammoth marketing budgets and brand-presence of multi-nationals in the already saturated niche. The solution came from UK based digital marketing agency ‘crdone’ and turned the future prospects of Gadget GoGo around, in under 24 months.

Since its inception, ‘crdone’ have established a foothold in the digital marketing niche, delivering a personalised service with data-driven outcomes for clients everywhere. Working closely with Gadget GoGo, ‘crdone’ developed an understanding of the busy marketplace and devised an intelligent strategy to penetrate the big-name dominance and level the playing field for the comparatively small brand.

Gadget GoGo founder Sam Wilson commented: “We delivered a great service but constantly struggled to compete with the brand authority and budgets of global names, who virtually force small brands out of the niche. Our small in-house team connected with crdone and within weeks their strategy had begun delivering results we couldn’t have achieved alone.”

Analysing the problem holistically, ‘crdone’ identified opportunities to compete for customers by offering high-quality, relevant and helpful content visitors were searching for. Supported by data, the subsequent strategy set about building a website structure that focussed heavily on providing content that was designed to actually serve a customer need in a way that the goliath brands weren’t. Within only 6 months of implementing the strategy, ‘crdone’ had increased organic search to almost 10 times the original level, and by month 9, 75% of the targeted search phrases were appearing on the first page of Google.

Carl Darnell, founder of ‘crdone’ commented: “The results we saw were phenomenal – proving that with an intelligent approach and consistent delivery, it’s absolutely possible for small brands to become market disruptors and break off their own share of competitive niches from the multi-nationals. By the time we reached the 12 month milestone, we were appearing on the first page of Google for hundreds of search phrases that had high transactional intent, was generating around more than 50,000 unique visitors. By December 2022, we’d achieved over 700 ranking keywords on page one, delivering over ten thousand website visitors per month for Gadget GoGo – a feat that resulted in over 50% of orders being generated from organic traffic.”

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