Take a look into the modern revival of Bingo

Bingo has changed greatly since its humble beginnings in the 1500s and the evolution of technology has especially allowed for such changes.

This has meant that there are more Bingo variations than ever before and the number will only continue to increase, especially with the evolution of the online casino!

So, let’s take a look at some of the already existing, modernised, versions of one of the most popular chance-based games…

Bingo AND dance

You’ll most likely know the classic land-based venues at your local Bingo halls, but people have found a way to take these venues to the next level!

In the UK you can now play in bars, where the socialising element is still there, but in a more modern way.

This way, players can enjoy one of their favourite games, yet incorporate this with music and even a chance to show off their best dance moves!

Disco Bingo

With some more involvement of music on the Bingo scene, this is another fun spin to the game, where the numbered balls are replaced by disco songs!

If you were to look at your grid you’d see a short disco reference, which could be the name of a band, song, or a retro word like ‘groovy’.

You might see some of the most popular disco songs like ‘Dancing Queen’ by ABBA and have a sing-along too!


Modern-day changes to Bingo have not only been apparent in the land-based world, but within online Bingo.

One of the breakthroughs has been with the game Slingo, which is one of the most popular online casino games, due to it being a mix of Bingo and Slots.

Instead of just your normal Bingo card grid, the grid takes the form of reels, combining two of the most popular chance-based games – what’s not to love?

30-ball Bingo

There are many numbered themed Bingo games, with 90 and 75-ball being a couple of the most standard ones.

But, 30-ball Bingo is speed Bingo at its finest! With players receiving a three-by-three card with nine numbers, you have to mark off all numbers on the card to be successful.

As there are only 30 balls involved in the game, this is a much faster Bingo game, perfect for those who want to play multiple, quick games.

Can you handle a more fast-paced version of Bingo?

Joker Bingo

Some people may enjoy playing with cards and this Bingo variation involves just that. Instead of a numbered grid, your grid will be filled with playing cards.

During the game, if you draw the joker card, or mark off all cards on the grid, you have achieved “Bingo”!

So, if a card game is more your thing, but you fancy a game of Bingo – give this game a go!

Deal or No Deal Bingo

If you’ve ever seen the famous show Deal or No Deal and were a fan, you’d love this game!

It features the red boxes and the potential to take away the jackpot, so will you find out what’s in the mysterious red box?

With so many variations of both land-based and digital Bingo to play and continuing to evolve, what do you think is in store for the future of Bingo?