How to Become an Options Trader

Becoming an options trader is not difficult and you can do it from home. With time and patience, you can become good at it. There are two options: either to work alone or to join a brokerage firm. Let’s look at how to become an options trader.

What an Options Trader is

A person who is trading in stocks for a living or to realize a profit is an options trader. So, option trading includes trading in commodities or the stock market. The trader selects whether to buy or sell stock on a chosen date in the future. A call option predicts a rise in the price of the stock, while the opposite is a put option.

What Qualifications Do You Need?

You are not required to have a specific qualification to become an options trader. However, a bachelor’s degree will help you get into a bank or other investment institution, such as a hedge fund, if you don’t want to be an independent trader. Some college subjects that are useful are accounting, business administration, math and economics. You can also get a trading degree.

When you work for an organization, you will be required to develop a forecasting model for each client to determine the optimum prices to reduce risk and make the most profit. Your job is to improve your clients’ portfolios in line with their risk profiles and desire for profit. Some option traders will work at a firm until they have the confidence to start their own investment company and work alone with a book of clients, or perhaps to partner with another options trader.

How it Works

There are risks involved in any kind of speculative investment. At the same time, the options trader stands to make a good profit. When you work for a big company, e.g., a hedge fund, you may receive a basic salary. On top of this, you will make commissions when you reach the targets set by your employer. Option traders can also get paid annual bonuses that can be quite substantial. This can vary between employers.

On the other hand, working independently as an options trader, all the profits you make are your own. However, you will not have the stability of a basic salary. Additionally, you will not be able to rely on an annual bonus.

Tips on How to Become a Solo Options Trader

Having a qualification will give you an edge to become an options trader. Firstly, you are more likely to be hired and to have the security of a fixed basic monthly salary. Secondly, you will be able to earn commission on every successful trade or on meeting targets provided by your employer. Thirdly, annual bonuses are a common form of renumeration in the field. Finally, you will get the experience you need before deciding to go solo without risking receiving an income.

Sign up with an options trading platform to begin. You will need some capital to start, and the platform may ask you to sign an agreement. Decide between call and put options. Get experience. Read widely on the field and listen to what the experts say. Be disciplined and never risk any more money than you are able to lose without serious consequences.

Options trading has become a lucrative job for many individuals.