How To Take Your Influencer Career to the Next Level

As influencer marketing becomes more and more popular, brands are on the lookout for the best influencers to engage in their product promotions and digital marketing strategies. This has necessitated the need for influencers to up their game and stand out. As an influencer, you need to develop some tactics to get ahead of the rest. Below are some ideas that can be useful to take your influencer career to the next level.

Focus On a Specific Niche

To create a successful career as an influencer, you need to pick a niche you can efficiently work with. Remember the old cliche about following your passion? Yes, doing something you love and are passionate about works best with a career in influencing. It should be something that is second nature to you. For instance, you could be passionate about cooking, fashion, or traveling. With some level of expertise or experience in your passion or hobby, you can establish a successful niche.

To achieve this, research widely on the topic you are interested in to post informative and relevant content. Remember, you are influencing people out there. So your posts should serve a broader purpose than product promotion and marketing; they should be able to inform and educate your audience.

Invest In The Right Gadgets

Any successful influencer will tell you that the most natural way to influence your audience is to capture and hold their attention. This means high-quality photos and videos, which can only be achieved with the right quality gadgets.

Prospective brands will also use your visuals’ quality to gauge if you meet their brand’s aesthetic standards, which is a significant factor when considering an engagement. Therefore, investing in the right iPhones and PC is a sure return on investment.

Be Consistent

Another critical tactic to build your influencer career is to be consistent in what you do. No fan will want to follow a no-show, and no brand will want to work with someone unreliable. Create a posting schedule and frequency so you can stay up to date with the current social media trends and manage an active fan base. This is even more beneficial as most platforms, such as Instagram, prefer active accounts with frequent postings.

You can create a routine and decide on a daily or weekly schedule. You can even raise the bar and develop a three times a day posting frequency or anything you are comfortable with. This also depends on the type of platform you are working on.

For instance, to be a successful influencer on Twitter, you must initiate a high posting frequency. However, other platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to post at your own pace, whether once or twice a week. But even with these platforms, you must maintain a certain level of consistency, so your followers don’t feel neglected.

According to a study conducted by Sprout Social, there are specific days and times that engagements on your social media posts can be at an all-time high. This is especially true with Facebook and Instagram, where you can record maximum engagements on Wednesday at around mid-morning and afternoon hours. This can guide you on how to plan your posting schedule.

Connect With Your Followers

Once you develop an exact posting schedule and manage a sufficient frequency, you should create a strategy to engage your audience. Your posts will most definitely attract tons of likes and comments. A successful influencer must be able to engage their followers; otherwise, ignoring them is not good practice.

Since it is not possible to reply to all their comments, sometimes merely reacting to the comments shows fans that you appreciate their presence and value their opinions.

Additionally, you can dedicate some time to interact with your followers by posting an interactive topic once in a while. The post should not be about you or your brand but something of mutual interest that can spark discussion and allow your fans to strike up long conversations. Such interactions enhance your personal connection with your fanbase and establish your position as an influencer.

Use Technology

There are several app building platforms that you can use to help you advance your career. Having an app can attract more followers and allow you to add whatever you want to the app. It also can look good to new brands you might want to work with. Even if you are already working with a few brands, building a broad network with several brands for future and long-term engagements is crucial.


Another essential step to advancing your career as an influencer is to cast your net wide in self-marketing. Go for big brands in your niche that are keen on influencer marketing and present your offerings. You can reach out to these potential clients by doing pro bono marketing of some of their products, tagging them, or cold pitching. Alternatively, you can design templates or portfolios and showcase what you do on your social media platforms.

Be Unique & Time Conscious

Finally, your ideas, your style, and your strategies should remain authentic. Most people spend a lot of time and energy imitating other people’s styles. Instead, you should be proud of your individuality and achievements and commit to being a better you. Remember, your followers will know if you try to be someone you are not. One way to succeed in your career is to stay true to yourself, your brand, and your fans.

As an influencer, you are in the business to make money. Every second you spend on social media should be an investment. Avoid wasting time on social media activities that are not relevant to your career goals. Make every second count.


The process of building a successful career as an influencer takes time and effort to bear fruit. However, these practical tips have been used by some of the most successful influencers in the industry. Implement them, and with time and consistency, you will undoubtedly achieve the best outcomes.

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