Sturmay vs. Howard: 2023 PointsBet Invitational & how to watch Canadian Curling Anywhere

2023 PointsBet Invitational

The 2023 PointsBet Invitational brought together some of the finest curling teams from around the world to compete in an exciting showcase of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship. Among the standout matches was the highly anticipated clash between Team Sturmay and Team Howard. This encounter promised high-stakes drama and competitive intensity, capturing the essence of curling at its finest.

Curling, a sport known for its precision, strategy, and camaraderie, took center stage at the 2023 PointsBet Invitational when two Canadian curling, Team Sturmay and Team Howard, faced off in a thrilling live curling event that left fans on the edge of their seats. This match not only showcased the skill and talent of the athletes but also exemplified the enduring appeal of curling as a competitive sport. In this article, we will delve into the exciting showdown between Team Sturmay and Team Howard at the 2023 PointsBet Invitational.

Curling Game Info:
Date: Thursday, Sept. 28
Time: 7:00 p.m. ET
Channel: TSN
Stream Anywhere: Click Here to Watch on PremiumTV!

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The PointsBet Invitational

The PointsBet Invitational is a prestigious annual curling event that attracts some of the finest teams from around the world. It serves as a platform for teams to showcase their abilities and compete against the best in the business. In 2023, all eyes were on the showdown between Team Sturmay and Team Howard, a matchup that promised thrilling moments and intense competition.

Teams: Sturmay and Howard

Team Sturmay, led by skip Karsten Sturmay, is a formidable Canadian curling team known for their precision and teamwork. Karsten Sturmay, an accomplished skip, guided his team with experience and finesse. The Sturmay team was a force to be reckoned with, boasting a talented roster prepared to showcase their prowess on the ice.

Team Sturmay, led by skip Brendan Bottcher, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of curling. Bottcher has proven himself as one of Canada’s top skips, with a remarkable ability to read the ice, make precise shots, and outwit opponents with his strategic acumen. His team includes talented players like Brad Thiessen, Darren Moulding, and Karrick Martin, all of whom bring their own unique strengths to the rink.

The Sturmay team is known for its consistent performance, teamwork, and ability to stay cool under pressure. They have a knack for pulling off clutch shots when it matters most, and their chemistry on the ice is a testament to their years of dedication to the sport.

Team Howard, led by Glenn Howard, brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the competition. Glenn Howard, a veteran skip in the world of curling, was supported by a skilled and strategic team. Their reputation preceded them, and they were determined to display their proficiency and determination in the match.

On the other side of the ice, Team Howard, led by legendary skip Glenn Howard, is a household name in Canadian curling. Glenn Howard is a four-time Brier champion and has represented Canada at the World Curling Championships on numerous occasions. His experience and leadership are invaluable assets to his team.

Team Howard boasts a roster of skilled players who complement Glenn’s expertise. Richard Hart, David Mathers, and Scott Howard form a formidable lineup that combines experience and youthful vigor. Their precision and shot-making ability are second to none, and they have consistently delivered outstanding performances on the biggest stages.

The Sturmay vs. Howard live curling matchup in the 2023 PointsBet Invitational promises to be a thrilling and memorable event for curling fans. These two teams, steeped in tradition and excellence, will battle it out on the ice, showcasing the very best of Canadian curling. The curling community eagerly anticipates this clash, and fans can expect to witness a masterclass in strategy, finesse, and sportsmanship. Whether it’s the precise draws, the delicate guards, or the high-pressure takeouts, every aspect of the game will be on display.