What Are The Common Maternal Car Accident Injuries?

No one ever wants to get into a car accident, especially if they happen to be pregnant. The possibilities for injuries to themselves as well as the baby growing inside of them are far greater. 

If you’re currently pregnant and you get into an accident, you need to see a doctor immediately. It’s imperative that you check on your health as well as the health of your baby in the event either of you have sustained injuries. 

What Types of Injuries Can Occur for Expectant Mothers in Car Accidents?

There are numerous types of injuries that could arise from a car crash while pregnant. 


Depending on the nature of the car accident, if the stomach and uterus is punctured, it could cause a miscarriage. If your own injuries are severe enough to lead to cardiac arrest, this lack of oxygen could also lead to this tragic outcome. 

Premature Birth

Strain on your body from a severe crash can cause the baby to be born early. Preterm birth occurs when the baby is born before 37 weeks. 

Placental Abruption

Placental abruption is a serious injury when the placenta separates from the uterus before birth. It can put both you and your unborn baby in grave danger. 

Birth Defects

When babies are injured in the womb or are born prematurely, they may be born with birth defects. Car accident injuries can increase the risk for them to have long-term disabilities that impact the rest of their lives. 

Uterine Rupture

Sustaining abdominal trauma is incredibly risky in an accident. It’s more likely in a catastrophic type of crash, and if this should happen, you have a greater chance of losing the baby. Your health issues may also be complicated with internal bleeding, a life-threatening condition that must be promptly treated. 

How to Keep Safe While Pregnant and on the Road

You can’t control everyone around you, but you can take steps to protect yourself and your unborn baby whenever you’re in a car. Make sure you wear your seatbelt and put the lap belt under your stomach so it’s across your hip bones. The shoulder strap should go between breasts, and if you’re the driver, you should keep your seat back enough so your stomach is 10 inches or further from the steering wheel. 

According to a car accident lawyer at  Nuñez Law, P.L., when a pregnant woman is in a motor vehicle accident, her financial damages will be even higher. With a fetus in the womb, there will be a need for more intensive monitoring and medical care. If the baby has any injuries, the treatments are even more expensive. 

If you’re in a car accident when you’re pregnant, you will want to discuss your case with a car accident attorney. These added costs you’ll incur because of another driver’s negligence shouldn’t cause you extra stress or financial strain. By talking to a lawyer, you’ll learn what options are available and have someone standing up for your legal rights.