80th Anniversary of D-Day Honoured by National Fish and Chip Day

To commemorate the participants of the D-Day landings, history’s largest combined naval, land, and air operation, National Fish and Chip Day will shift from its traditional Friday celebration to Thursday, 6th June in 2024. This date marks the 80th Anniversary of this significant event.

In its 9th iteration, National Fish and Chip Day will acknowledge the vital role of fish and chips during the World Wars, especially on D-Day. Winston Churchill, who referred to fish and chips as ‘Good Companions’ and ensured they weren’t rationed, believed in their importance for national morale. Intriguingly, soldiers during the D-Day landings used the code words ‘fish’ and ‘chips’ to identify allies in enemy lines at night.

Regarded as the quintessential British dish, fish and chips were a crucial component of the war effort during both World Wars. The British Government prioritised maintaining the supply of fish and potatoes throughout these conflicts.

Gary Lewis, President of the National Edible Oil Distributors Association (NEODA), creators of National Fish and Chip Day, commented, “National Fish and Chip Day has always brought the nation together to celebrate this iconic dish, and because of the intrinsic links it has always had with the world wars and D-Day we knew we wanted to be as involved as possible so have moved the date to show our support.”

National Fish and Chip Day serves as a reminder to appreciate everyone involved in delivering fish and chips to every community’s core. This includes the fishers, farmers, and the fish and chip shops and restaurants who transform these quality ingredients into our beloved family meal.

Discover more at www.nationalfishandchipday.org.uk.